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Ted Really Seems to Know Where He’s Heading at the End of ‘Ted Lasso’

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Ted Lasso has had fans on the edge of their seats over whether or not season 3 will be the end to the series as we know it. From the start of it, we’ve wondered whether or not this would be our final journey with Jason Sudeikis’ Ted Lasso. But it took until the penultimate episode of season 3 to confirm to fans that this does really feel like the end (for Ted at least).

In season 3 episode 11 titled “Mom City,” Ted is dealing with Dottie Lasso (Becky Ann Baker) coming to town unannounced. There are plenty of other moms who make an appearance, like Jamie’s mother Georgie, but it’s Dottie who would say the words that I think confirm that Ted is going home after Richmond wins the Premier League title. Whether that means they’ll win in the finale or this is setting up one finale ride for Ted is the question.

Spoilers for Ted Lasso season 3, episode 11 ahead.

Dottie comes to town to see her son but didn’t tell him that she was coming. She makes him dinner, hangs out with him at work, and is exploring his life in England. The turning point comes when Ted pushes her to tell him why she came to town. In a shockingly un-Ted turn, he lets loose and says “fuck you” to his mother, confronting her about her own emotional issues and how they’ve affected him. When he keeps pushing her, Dottie tells Ted that she came to see him to tell him that his son misses him.

As if he didn’t know. The moment does though lead me to believe that the show is setting up something to do with Ted leaving, the question is just when is that going to happen?

Is this the end of the line for Ted?

From the start of this season, Sudeikis has been laying down hints. In March, he talked about “cameos” in the future but they continued to carry on with the seasons without making anything certain. “Mom City” really made it clear though that Ted cannot stay in Richmond. Whether that means he’ll continue to be in the show and maybe just appear once in a while, like his therapist Dr. Sharon, though? That we don’t know.

I do believe the show has always been set around Ted getting the Greyhounds to a win. This season, they’re getting closer and closer and if they don’t win this coming finale, I think it will confirm that they have more of this journey ahead of them, with or without Ted. If they do win? That’s where things will change.

As much as I didn’t want to believe that this was going to be the end (despite past claims from Sudeikis that the show was designed to be three seasons, Apple has not said that the show is ending), this episode really did seem to make it clear that Ted would not be staying in England for much longer. I hope that he continues to show up and we see his growth but I think that this season is leading to Henry and Ted being united back home in America. As much as that pains me.

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