Is There a Less Self-Aware Man on the Planet Than Ted Cruz?
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Ted Cruz, the Least Self-Aware Man on the Planet, Slams TX Dems for Leaving the State

Ted Cruz smiles as he goes up an escalator.

Welp, Ted Cruz has weighed in on the situation unfolding in Texas as Democratic lawmakers have fled the state to prevent a vote on a restrictive voting rights bill.

Democrats traveled to Washington D.C. this week to deny Republicans the quorum they need to hold a vote on the bill. They will likely be staying there for weeks until the special session ends back home.

Ted Cruz decided to take to Twitter (and Fox News) to let everyone know he disapproves and he did so in the most Ted Cruz way imaginable:

Yes, Cruz focused on the issue of identification, drawing a false equivalency between suppressive voter ID laws and the requirement to show ID when boarding a plane. As a reminder, those are not the same thing. (Also as a reminder, voter ID laws are a solution for a problem that doesn’t actually exist. Their only purpose is to make it harder to vote, especially for POC and low-income people.)

So Cruz’s argument falls apart before it even begins. But his choice to attack the “irony” of these Democrats boarding a jet from Texas was absurdly ill-advised, given his own jet-setting history.

Remember how Ted Cruz jumped on a jet to Cancún during a massive snowstorm in Texas that left his constituents without power and other basic lifesaving resources? YES, OF COURSE WE REMEMBER, TED.

If there is a less self-aware man on this entire planet, I would not like to meet him.

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