Tatiana Maslany Was So Emotional Wrapping Orphan Black She Got a Nosebleed

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We’re two episodes into the final season of BBC America’s brilliant Orphan Black which, if you consider yourself a member of Clone Club, is eliciting all sorts of feels. Well, Tatiana Maslany wrapped shooting the series for the last time several months ago, and in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, which you can see above, she talks about just how emotional she got as she said goodbye to each of her clones.

“We kind of had two weeks where we were wrapping a clone a day,” she explained. “Or a supporting character, or a set or whatever, and these are people that you get to know over five seasons and you really care about them. I was so emotional those two weeks.” Kimmel jokingly asked her if she really missed her clones, and she said that she did, and that she wonders what they’re doing now and if they’re okay. Sadly, though Maslany has moved to L.A. with her boyfriend (Downton Abbey‘s Tom Cullen), the Leda Clones have decided to remain in Canada.

However, she continued talking about her final days on the show, and said, “I had such a visceral reaction saying goodbye to one of [the clones], and we were doing this scene that’s a Skype call, and it was quite emotional as it is, so I could kind of use what was happening. And I just had a spontaneous nosebleed while I was sobbing. It was so gross. The director’s like Cut and I was like Stop, no, can’t we use this? Let’s use it!”

We already knew that Maslany’s tour-de-force performance as many characters on the show required a certain level of bravery and vulnerability. Add “working through a nosebleed” to the long list of things she will endure if it means a better performance.

We’ve got Episode 3 of the final season of Orphan Black airing this Saturday, and Nerdist shared a really adorable clip from the show starring our favorite power couple, Alison and Donnie Hendrix as they sing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

So many feels! I’m not ready to say goodbye to Orphan Black. Then again, Maslany has recently moved to Los Angeles, where I live, which is pretty rad. With one of the most awesome television shows I’ve ever watched about to end its run, I’ll take what I can get.

(via Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube, image: screencap)

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