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Target Recalls World’s Most Poorly Designed Plush Frog Mask

What kids doesn’t want to pretend he’s a frog? Probably plenty, but you can bet that there are plenty out there who do. Enough that Target is — or at least was — selling a plush frog mask to help these imaginative little children live out their fantasy. The problem? Turns out these plush masks have eye holes, but no nose holes or mouth holes making them more like plush suffocation masks than anything else. They’re now being recalled.

The masks were sold at Target stores between August and September, a long time for something so obviously deficient in its design. The masks came with an elastic strap for ensuring optimum obstruction and were available for the low, low cost of about $1, a small price to pay for comfortable asphyxiation. If you had the misfortune of purchasing one of these pillows-designed-for-use-as-a-mask-with-necessary-alterations, you can return it to your local Target for a full refund. Your dignity, however, may remain irretrievable.

(via Star Tribune)

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