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Turn Your Front Door Into the TARDIS With This Vinyl Door Decal

If you want to try and trick people into thinking your home is bigger on the inside, or if you just plain want to feel like you’re about to leave your world behind every time you step through your home’s threshold, these TARDIS vinyl door decals could be just what you’re looking for.

At only $29.99 (and $10 shipping to U.S. and Canada, and $15 to anywhere else), you’ll receive four decals: One is the large Police Box sign, another is the “pull to open” sign, and the last two are the TARDIS’ windows. The decals are waterproof, can be easily removed without leaving residue, and have three to five years of outdoor life. The decals are shipped in a triangular mailing tube, and come with a hard plastic applicator.

The door isn’t actually blue — you’ll have to paint that yourself — but the decals mimic everything that appears on the TARDIS, except for the handle placement on the blue box. If you aren’t thrilled that your door doesn’t have the proper handle or placement, it’s obviously time to build a new door, instead of just not get the TARDIS decals.

Check out the product page here.

(via Nerd Approved)

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