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Honestly, Taika Waititi Is the Most Important Part of Jeremy Renner’s New Song

I wish I understood any of this
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I’m obsessed with whatever it is that is currently happening to Jeremy Renner—not in a good way, but in a “what is this mid-life crisis” kind of way. That being said, all I really want out of it is Robert Downey Jr. to return to his music career and collaborate with him, and that doesn’t seem to be happening. At least I get Taika.

Yes, Hawkeye went from his serial killer summer vacation to a rock career that has him on like 90 different commercials for Jeep. If you’re like me, you probably keep looking at them and just asking, “Why?” repeatedly, because none of this makes any sense to me.

Hawkeye says none of this makes sense.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

That being said, this newest video is just a whirlwind of “Who is in charge of this?” but then features Taika Waititi just serving looks throughout, so I’ll allow it:

Like … truly … what?

First of all, I want to point out that there is a John Lennon quote in the beginning of this video, which already sets a weird tone because it’s common knowledge that John Lennon, while talented, wasn’t that great of a dude. From there, Jeremy Renner is having fun just playing music and making a song about being weird, and then all of the sudden, Taika shows up in wild outfits, and the video goes from a behind-the-scenes look to something I’d probably see in a quirky Wes Anderson movie.

This all comes months after the dawning of Renner’s music career, something that has sent me into madness trying to figure out. A while ago, I pointed out that Robert Downey Jr. had a music career long before he took on Tony Stark, something that Renner himself allegedly ad-libbed about in Captain America: Civil War about.

So, the fact that Renner now has his own music career is a wild time for me, personally, but that’s beside the point. The point is that Taika Waititi makes a wild appearance in this video, doesn’t sing or say anything, and is wearing a onesie. You have to sit through most of the video to get to this magic, because he isn’t in it until the very end, but to be honest, I completely forgot what the song sounded like when I saw Taika in a onesie, and was more interested in that storyline.

I’m baffled by this entire thing, intrigued despite the fact that I was never that big a fan of Renner, but this music career twist is certainly a journey, and if I don’t get the one thing I want out of this whole thing, I’m going to write a very strongly worded letter to the gods asking what I’ve done wrong.

Anyway, come for the wild time that is whatever is happening in Renner’s world but stay because Taika Waititi is in the background just posing.

(via Pajiba, image: screengrab from YouTube)

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