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Taika Waititi Had the Scariest Costume of All: Writer Trying to Meet a Deadline

Beware! It’s so frightening! Taika Waititi brought to life the scariest thing of all this Halloween: a writer trying to make a deadline.

Okay, well, sort of. Waititi is working on multiple projects all at once, and this year, he spent All Hallows Eve lost in his computer and working on one of his screenplays that, apparently, is set to start principal photography in a few days.

Here are a few things about this that are interesting: 1. Waititi points out that he’s a kiwi filmmaker active between the years of 2005 and 2020, so … where is he going in 2020? and 2. Is this for his film Next Goal Wins? Chances are that yes, the Andy Serkis-produced film that is based on the 2014 documentary by Mike Brett and Steve Jamison is what Waititi was talking about, but he has also apparently finished Thor: Love and Thunder.

Talking with Yahoo, Waititi said that it was done (despite him just recently making the joke that he had finished the title page), so all signs do point to him working on Next Goal Wins. To be fair, Waititi should get a little bit of a break. He did just finish doing press for his amazing film Jojo Rabbit, and now he’s instantly on to the next project.

Between his promo and his writing, Waititi has also been very fun on social media during the debate of “are Marvel movies cinema,” liking tweets about everyone complaining about that line questioning and even mocking Todd Phillips during the whole Joker and the death of comedy debacle.

Don’t worry, though! He also really wanted Donald Trump to go see Jojo Rabbit.

No really, he truly does.

The post about Waititi writing on Halloween is a fun look into the mind of Writer Taika Waititi (I guess vs. Chaotic God Taika Waititi) and his dedication to his work, but also, who hasn’t been there? The clock is winding down, you have deadlines screaming at you, but it’s also Halloween and kids are coming to your door asking for candy. Truly terrifying stuff.

Whatever Waititi finished at 2:00AM, I’m excited to see because, to be quite honest, I’ve never been disappointed by his work, and I’m sure even with three days left to finish, he’s going to give us something amazing to see!

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