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When Serial Harassers Try to Hijack Conversations About Harassment

During the Women Online panel at VidCon last week, Anita Sarkeesian was asked why we still need to talk about the harassment of women online. So she pointed to her longtime harasser sitting in the front row.

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Things We Saw Today: Trailer for Maya Angelou Documentary, And Still I Rise

This upcoming documentary, Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise, promises to be an incredible look into the life of one of humanity's greatest voices.

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The Myth of Respectability Politics: On Emma Watson’s Fight to Scrub a Semi-Nude Photo from the Internet

Emma Watson has had a lot of experience, unfortunately, with unsavory people on the internet attempting to sexualize her against her consent. Today marks another victory for her on that score.

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Dan Aykroyd Unloads on Haters Who Harassed Leslie Jones Off of Twitter

Dan Aykroyd had more than a few words for some of those terrible people who harassed Leslie Jones on Twitter the other night.

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Men Read Horrifying Comments Written About Female Sportswriters Right to Their Face

"I hope your boyfriend beats you."

Just Not Sports, a podcast dedicated to talking with athletes about anything besides sports, has recorded a particularly sobering PSA regarding the disgusting comments directed at female sportswriters.

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Internet Jerks Pledge to Make Internet Even Worse in #TheTriggering

Determined to maintain social media's status as a greasy dumpster fire, some internet jerks are coining March 9th and 10th #TheTriggering.

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Male Writers Read the Terrible Internet Comments on Their Female Colleagues’ Articles

Today, for International Women's Day, Elite Daily put their male writers in a bit of a hot seat and had them read some of the vitriolic comments that were left for some of their female colleagues.

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Tweet Leads to Rape Threats, Parody Twitter Support Account Suspended, Twitter Is an Awful Dumpster Fire

Twitter's been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons.

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Twitch Talks Community, Support, and Women in Tech at Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner

This panel at Twitch was part of an independent event series called "Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners," which aims to bring together women who work in tech.

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Emma Watson Shares Feminist Alan Rickman Quote, Internet Responds in Typical Internet Fashion

Gee, it's almost like they have an agenda or something.

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Don’t Blame Gaby Dunn for “Selling Out”: Internet Fame Does Not Equal Financial Stability

It's easy to dismiss a YouTuber's request for donations, or pooh-pooh an internet star who does sponsored videos and product placement as a "sellout," but these things are often necessary, as content creators on YouTube can't live on views and clicks, ads don't pay very much, and internet fame does not equal financial stability. In an illuminating piece for Fusion, writer and YouTube star Gaby Dunn dissects just how deceiving looks can be in the world of social media stardom.

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18 Year Old Instagram Star Quits Social Media, Unmasks Dark Side of Internet Stardom

Utterly devastating.

In the video, former Instagram star Essna O'Neill illuminates the kinds of pressure placed on young internet stars today, especially young women.

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Not Even Bob Ross Livestream Safe From Rape Jokes and Grossness

She was painting a beautiful scene, talking incredibly kindly and peacefully... and that's when the jokes and awful comments came out of the woodworks.

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Lionsgate Partners with Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart on Their New Film, Dirty Thirty

If you're on the internet ever, you've likely watched YouTube videos from either Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, or Hannah Hart - or videos with all three of them, as they collaborate often. You may have even seen their film, Camp Takota, which was one of the first films to star YouTube talent. Now, Lionsgate is jumping all up on their bandwagon, having bought their latest film, Dirty Thirty.

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Caitlin Moran Predicts the End of Twitter, Calls it a “Very Male Arena”

Speaking at the Stylist Live event in London, the critic and columnist discussed the social networking site and how it often lends itself to some... not-too-admirable behavior among people.

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After Death Threats and Insulting Comments, Peeple Vanishes From Internet

Much of the media coverage was focused on the app's potential drawbacks and its shortcomings, but why is it that some people feel that when a woman in tech (or any industry, really) slips on an idea, she's immediately deserving of death threats and nasty letters?

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Things We Saw Today: China’s Real Life Version of Doraemon… Real Cats!

Check out this incredibly rad group of people who dropped by Google's offices to talk about online abuse.

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YouTube Star Colleen Evans Destroys Her Trolls with Sarcasm & Song

Get wrecked, trolls.

YouTube star Colleen Evans, aka PsychoSoprano (hell yes) decided to send up her shitty comments with a song.

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Instagram Bans #Goddess Because #Curvy Taught Them Nothing

Instagram recently made waves when they banned #curvy. They've since unbanned it, but are now banning #goddess. What?

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According to Ellen Pao, Trolls Are Winning the Internet–But There’s Still So Much Hope

Ellen Pao took to The Washington Post to share her thoughts on the firestorm that's been raining over reddit for the past few weeks and how that's shaped her current opinion on the state of the internet.

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