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Things We Saw Today: Women Who Are Crushing Hard on Edward Snowden

There's nothing sexier than whistleblowing and fighting for justice, amirite? Broadly recently did an interview with the women on the Internet who are hardcore crushing on Edward Snowden. They're, ahem, "yearning to put the 'blow' in 'whistleblower.'"

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Things We Saw Today: Daisy Ridley Hangs with a Little Rey

Someday we'll see things other than Star Wars. Today is not that day.

And now I'm crying about The Force Awakens all over again.

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The Mary Sue Holiday 2015 Gift Guide, Part 3: Geek Chic!

Shopping managed.

Help your friends and family wear their geeky passions on their sleeve! Below, we've highlighted all the jewelry, makeup, and clothing you need for the sweetest Christmas ever.

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Things We Saw Today: The Avengers: Age of Ultron Gag Reel

The Avengers 2 gag reel may be short, but it's a densely packed treasure trove of cute Mark Ruffalo moments and "Kick Me" signs.

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The Mary Sue Exclusive: WeLoveFine Launches New Spider-Verse Collection

We've hit the jackpot!

How's a Spider-Fan supposed to stay comfy and warm now that fall weather is on its way? With WeLoveFine's newly-launched Spider-Verse collection, of course!

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WeLoveFine Announces New Adventure Time Apparel Collection


WeLoveFine's new collection of Adventure Time apparel debuted today!

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Anastasia Washington Models We Love Fine’s New Mystique Dress

Or is it Anastasia...?

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WeLoveFine’s Awesome Spider-Gwen Collection Hits the Jackpot

♫ Spider-Leth, Spider-Leth ♫

WeLoveFine's Spider-Gwen line just became available for pre-order, and holy heck is it bad-ass.

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WeLoveFine Is Holding an Agent Carter Design Contest Judged by Peggy and Angie Themselves!

The ship that judges together...

Wishing there was more Agent Carter merchandise out there to help you wear your love for Peggy on your sleeve? Wish no longer! WeLoveFine has announced an Agent Carter design contest judged by Hayley Atwell, Angie's Lyndsy Fonseca, and a whole host of other geeky talents.

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WeLoveFine’s Marvelous “Age Of Fashion” Collection Now Available for Pre-Order

My kingdom for a Black Widow tank.

In the sometimes barren wasteland of Marvel merch, WeLoveFine continues to be a bright shining beacon of hope, and their new Age of Ultron collection "Age of Fashion" is no exception. I'm so sorry, wallet. I'm so, so sorry.

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Praise The Holy Kitten! Enter To Win Our WeLoveFine Lumberjanes Giveaway!

Friendship to the max!

What the junk?! A Lumberjanes giveaway?! Holy Mae Jemison!

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WeLoveFine Reveals Lumberjanes Holy Kitten Talking Plush!

Do you love Boom! Studios' Lumberjanes? Do you love Holy Kitten? DO YOU WANT TO PET HOLY KITTEN? Now's your chance!

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The Mary Sue Holiday Gift Guide, Part 4: Stuff & Things!

You'll have to supply your own disapproving look at Lori, though.

Face it, nerds love stuff. Memorabilia, merchandise, collectibles, what have you—if we can display it proudly in a glass case in our living room, most of us are pretty happy. Here's a bunch of neat plushies, figures, and other odds and ends (some of them are even practical!) for the collectors and enthusiasts in your life. And don't forget to check out Part 1: Books, Part 2: Movies & TV, and Part 3: Gaming & Tech!

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The Flash Mob: “Things You Can’t Outrun”


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WeLoveFine Is Making Fantastic Ghostbusters Rompers For Your Halloween Shenanigans

Who you gonna call? Rad fashion!

Still not sure what to do for Halloween? Might we suggest WeLoveFine's super-great new Ghostbusters jumpsuits? Perfect for your Ghostbusters reboot group cosplay! Each suit has its own name badge (Venkman, Zeddemore, Stantz and Spengler) and are available on WLF for $78.

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Meet The Mary Sue/WeLoveFine Fan Design Contest Winner Luke Daab!

Hands up if you love Lady Thor.

And thus starteth the final post in our series introducing you to the winners of our fan design contest with WeLoveFine. Put your handkerchiefs down—we can all get through this together. Providing our grand finale is artist Luke Daab, whose design "She Is Worthy" was the winner of Jill's judge's pick. And rightly so, too—who doesn't love Lady Thor?

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Meet The Mary Sue/WeLoveFine Fan Design Contest Winner Nina Slunsky!

It's bow-tiful.

Alright nerds, who likes graphic design? Because while the other winners of our design contest with WeLoveFine we've featured so far have all had people in them, Nina Slunsky took a more... iconic approach. We think it's pretty cool. And so did one Felicia Day, who chose Slunsky's "Sum of Me" for her judge's pick.

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You Can Now Get Your Very Own The Mary Sue Logo Lady Pins From WeLoveFine

Glorious, glorious lady pins!

Exciting news, Mary Suevians! Our Logo Ladies are now available as pins, exclusively from WeLoveFine! Your bag or jacket can now tell the world that you love empowered ladies in geek media.

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Meet The Mary Sue/WeLoveFine Fan Design Contest Winner Krysten Reis!

"My first girlfriend turned into the moon."

Welcome to day three of our series of galleries showcasing the winners of our fan design contest with WeLoveFine. Next up is Krysten Reis, whose "The Geek Girl" was guest judge Veronica Belmont's pick. Reis also draws a damn fine Yue from Avatar: The Last Airbender, if I do say so myself.

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