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Forensic Artist Reveals Face of Crystal Head Vodka’s Skull Bottle, Surprisingly Looks Nothing Like Dan Aykroyd

This probably settles a number of bar bets.

Dan Aykroyd's company Crystal Head Vodka shared some photos on their Facebook page last month of a facial reconstruction done on top of their skull bottle by forensic artist Nigel Cockerton. If you can get over how creeptastic the in-between stages look, the end result is pretty incredible.

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Russian Elephants Saved From Siberian Winter by Heaping Helpings of Vodka

If you're travelling through Siberia in the depths of winter and your transportation breaks down, you pretty much have two options. 1)Freeze to death rather quickly. 2)Break out the vodka, start pounding shots like a frat pledge, and probably still freeze to death, but more slowly and with a better attitude about it. You can consider that second method now officially endorsed by elephants after a trailer carrying a pair of pachyderms from a Polish circus broke down in the bitter cold of the Novosibirsk region of Siberia, forcing their handlers to feed them cases of warm water mixed with vodka to keep them warm. The tricked  worked, and the elephants are fully recovered from their chilling ordeal, if probably a little hungover.

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Glazed Donut Vodka: A Dream Come True!

If I had a nickel for every time I was sitting in a Krispy Kreme and thought to myself,"You know what this donut could really use?Hard liquor!" I might have enough to buy a bottle of 360 Vodka's Glazed Donut-flavored Vodka. Rise, shine, and say,"Nostrovia!"

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Vodka Combines Nostalgic Childhood Lunches and Booze

Since the recent creation of NutLiquor (say it out loud), the world has been held in suspense for someone to take the next logical step and create a peanut butter and jelly flavored vodka. Finally, the wait is over as Van Gogh Vodka recently unveiled their latest flavor: PB&J. At long last, you can get that "mom packed my lunch" flavor from a bottle of booze.

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So Here’s a Norwegian Guy Drunk Out of His Mind and on Ice Skates [Video]

Judging from his videos, this Norwegian man is good at three things: Uploading HD videos to YouTube, ice skating, and drinking. Thankfully, when the three of these things come together, the result is magical. This video is all about the escalation, so it's worth watching it all the way through. Also, now that I've watched a good deal of his other videos I kind of wonder if this dude has a deal with Vikingfjord vodka. Either way, he's a hero.

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High School Students Allegedly Using Vodka-Soaked Tampons to Get Drunk

This week in moral panic: High school students are apparently using vodka-soaked tampons to get drunk. Yes, the boys too. I think you can figure it out. According to the officer interviewed here, the problem is real and widespread. Not only are high school students using vodka-soaked tampons, but they are also apparently doing beer bongs rectally.

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NutLiquor: Peanut Butter Vodka

NutLiquor (be careful where you say that out loud) is a new peanut butter flavored vodka by Pandora Spirits, a Michigan-based company that is totally down with weird alcohol flavorings. NutLiquor is not just designed to taste like peanut butter, but specifically the kind of peanut butter from a peanut butter cup, you know, the really sugary-sweet kind. Miraculously, it doesn't involve anything that will trigger peanut butter allergies and is designed to be enjoyed neat. I've never found any vodka that I enjoyed neat, but if there was one that might be able to pull it off, it would probably have to be something like this.

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