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Twitter Is Letting Us in on All the Infuriating, Ignorant #ThingsOnlyWomenWritersHear

Complete with complaining manchildren!

For example: "And how does your husband feel about the subjects you cover?"

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Twitter Does Something Right, Gets Government to Drop Attempt to Unmask “Alt” Gov Twitter Account

In the early days of the Trump administration, "rogue" Twitter accounts quickly popped up, proclaiming to be run in secret by government workers in different departments. It was difficult to know if they were authentic, and many of them just as quickly transitioned to civilian hands for legal reasons—if they'd ever been real at all. Now, one that's still around has been officially protected by Twitter.

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Things We Saw Today: All Hail The Master’s Return to Doctor Who

Actor John Simm will reprise his role as notorious Doctor Who nemesis The Master. As one of the series' most effective and long-running Big Bads, this is good news for Whovians.

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This Homophobe Wants Us to Give God Back His Rainbows & Twitter Was Happy to Help

A homophobic radio host says the LGBTQ community is "culturally appropriating" the rainbow and wants us to "give it back" to God.

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Twitter’s Solution to “Egg” Accounts Sounds Like a Bad, Early April Fools’ Joke

Egg on all our faces.

Yesterday, Twitter confused us all with some strange changes to the way replies work, but that new system is not nearly as bizarre as the way they've decided to tackle harassment from "egg" accounts. See, we've apparently been looking at this all wrong. The problem with people starting dummy Twitter accounts to harass people isn't the harassment; the problem is that the reaction to harassment ruins Twitter's branding.

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Oh God, Twitter’s Big Reply Changes Are Like a “Reply All” From Hell

Not the future liberals want.

Things often change on the Internet, and those changes are often scary and sometimes bad. Today, it's Twitter that has attracted attention by removing reply recipients' usernames from their trademark 140-character limit, which sounds great on the surface—yay more characters—but the implications get messy very quickly.

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Twitter Takes News Site to Task Over “Groundbreaking” FBI Investigation That *Gasp* Says There Are Racist Police Officers

Like we didn't know.

Twitter took the International Business Times to task for their piece on a "groundbreaking report" that there are white supremacists working in law enforcement. Gee, we had no idea.

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#MissingDCGirls: Social Media Shouldn’t Have to Fill These Giant Societal Holes

A hashtag can be powerful, but it's not enough on its own.

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Cole Sprouse Regrets Those Not-So-Feminist Interview Quotes From His Tween Star Days

It's a good start.

Cole Sprouse still agonizes over being given a public platform from which to say really dumb things as a child.

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Tomi Lahren’s Show Stops Production After Pro-Choice Comments Made on The View

After writing about Tomi Lahren back in December, I silently promised myself that I would never write about her again. I didn't want to give her any more of a platform than she already has. However, now that Trump has become President, I believe that examining the Tomi Lahrens of the world is especially important in that it allows us to navigate our increasingly fraught path toward gender equality.

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Not the Future Liberals Want: President’s Livetweet of Congressional Hearing Fact-Checked Later in Same Hearing

Not the future anyone wants.

It's possible that you've somehow become aware of the incredibly obscure story today that FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Michael Rogers had a congressional hearing in front of the House Intelligence Committee. By now, for better or worse (mostly worse, so far) we've all gotten used to Twitter playing an outsized role in our government lately, and the hearing saw multiple Trump tweets debunked, but one in particular still managed to feel unusual to our numb, jaded brains.

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This Is the Only Tweet About Iron Fist You Need to Read

This single tweet is the one thing I want to think about regarding Iron Fist: how much better it would be in "reverse."

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Twitter Is Loving McDonald’s Incredibly Blunt Anti-Trump Tweet

Ba da ba ba burn.

McDonald's came at Trump where he lives this morning: on Twitter.

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Twitter Users Say #IAmMajor…ly Done With Hollywood’s Whitewashing

Ah, yes. The old "backfiring Twitter campaign" play.

When you combine the beleaguered Ghost in the Shell movie with the infinite... uh, let's say "wit" of the internet, then you end up with a seemingly dead-in-the-water Twitter user content ad campaign.

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What Does Trump’s Twitter Feed Look Like?

Can looking at Trump's Twitter feed give us any insight into why he uses the platform the way he does?

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And Now, Mark Hamill Reads Trump’s Wiretap Tweets as the Joker

Never let this end.

Mark Hamill, my beloved Internet uncle, has once again gifted us with a dramatic interpretation of President Trump's Tweets as read by The Joker. This time, Hamill tackles Trump's unhinged Tweetstorm alleging that President Obama had him wiretapped prior to the election.

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Things We Saw Today: Denny’s Serves Up a Bit of Relief From Your Everyday Existential Dread

Thanks, Denny's. You're killing us.

Denny's, the perennial late-night hangout for the underaged, the overaged, and everyone in between (so literally everybody I guess), continues to impress with their strong social media game.

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Twitter’s Response to Fearmongering Image of the “Future That Liberals Want”: “Sign Me Up!”

"Politically incorrect"? I didn't know 4chan existed in the '90s.

The /pol/ section of 4Chan is their "politically incorrect" area, a phrase that likely elicits massive eye-rolls from our readers on its own, since it generally means "bigotry disguised as blunt honesty." The truly amazing part is how many opponents of "political correctness" actually believe they're simply being honest as opposed to revealing their own prejudices, demonstrated perfectly by this tweet from the "/pol/ News Network."

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Seth Rogen Tweets to Donald Trump Jr. On Behalf of the Country—and We Thank Him Immensely

While it's unlikely that Donald Trump Jr. would follow you or me on Twitter, it's more likely that he, like all of us, follows some celebrity accounts. Apparently, one of those celebrities is Seth Rogen, and this is a very, very good thing.

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From W.E.B. Du Bois to Abraham Lincoln, Two Big Social Media Fails for the GOP

The Republicans are having a banner day on social media today, as both the Department of Education and the GOP's official accounts somehow made a mess out of celebrating Black History Month.

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