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Only Whosoever Carries Its Owner’s Fingerprints Can Lift This Real Life Mjölnir

Tony Stark was right!

Tony Stark's whining during the post-party scene in Age of Ultron has been vindicated: Here is a version of Mjölnir that can only be lifted by the person carrying its owner's fingerprints, worthiness be damned. Or by anyone who figures out a way around the giant electromagnets inside the hammer's casing.

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Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk Will Appear In Thor: Ragnarok; Tom Hiddleston’s Loki Is Rumored

Mark Ruffalo's Hulk will punch his way into Thor: Ragnarok, making the third in the Thor trilogy yet another example of a Marvel movie crossover. Is every solo superhero film going to feature a handful of cameos from other heroes now?

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Thor Explains All in The Age of Ultron Scene You Weren’t Supposed to See

Marvel just released a new deleted scene from Age of Ultron and it features a bit more footage of Chris Hemsworth's Thor and Stellan Skarsgard's Dr. Selvig in the Norn Cave.

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Boston Comic Con 2015: Cosplays We Saw

You may have noticed in the background of our video interview series with comics creators at Boston Comic Con that the entire exhibition hall got packed with excellent cosplayers.

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Review: Marvel’s Thors #1 Fails the Goddess of Thunder

An Odin-sized fridging.

Following the recent conclusion of Marvel’s Thor series, in which readers discovered the secret identity of the new Goddess of Thunder, many fans of the series were eager to see where Thor would go next. Tying in with the Secret Wars event, series writer Jason Aaron returns with Thors #1 – a story meant to continue the threads of new!Thor's heroic journey but one that fails to be remotely as empowering as her solo series.

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Lady Thor’s Secret Identity Revealed, Just As Badass As We Thought

Spoilers lieth ahead. Duh-eth.

One of comics' most recent tightly-held secrets, the identity of lady Thor, is set to be uncovered in a brand new issue of Thor due out tomorrow. However, in an interview with Vulture, Thor writer Jason Aaron spilled the beans on who's been wielding Mewmew in these past issues. 'Sif you needed to be reminded, there are spoilers ahead, folks. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

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Marvel Announces a New Fashion Line for Men, Uses MCU Lookalikes as Models

Whenever we post cool fashions from Her Universe, We Love Fine, etc on the site, inevitably we have some guys wishing there was stuff "this cool" for them. Now we all know there's plenty of nerd t-shirts out there for guys already but Marvel has teamed with Five Four for some different duds you might dig. And it looks like they got some lookalikes to model them.

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Lady Thor Outsells Dude Thor, Surprising No One

Except maybe the folks who still insist that no one wants to buy female-led comics.

Thor as a character never really seemed to be my bag, which is the only reason why I have yet to pick up the current Jason Aaron run on the character. But that hasn't stopped a BUNCH of other people from buying the title! In fact, according to Comichron, new Thor's first four issues outsold the last four issues of male Thor's last standalone, God of Thunder, by nearly 20,000 copies - not including digital sales!

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AMC and Regal Will Marathon ALL of the Marvel Movies Leading up to Age of Ultron

For true believers only.

AMC and Regal Cinemas will hold marathons of all the Marvel Phase 1 and Phase 2 movies so far leading up to a screening of Age of Ultron. You'll to need to assemble a team of Earth's mightiest couch potatoes for this one.

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Chris Hemsworth Talks Thor’s Humanity, Shopping Spree For Age Of Ultron

A while back a bunch of reporters got the chance to hang out on the Age Of Ultron set and watch Chris Hemsworth fight (spoiler alert?) Paul Bettany's The Vision? This week, the interviews from that day on set are circulating, and it's full of tidbits and contemplation about Thor and his place in Ultron. Oh, and how psyched Hemworth seems to be that he got to wear civilian clothes while partying with his fellow 'Vengers.

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Black Widow Gets Her Own Ultron Character Poster, Rejoice At The Perfection

ScarJo you poetic and noble land mermaid.

We've already seen the official Age of Ultron poster and RDJ's Iron Man poster, but now we have the only poster we care about, let's be real: the ScarJo poster. She's bringing the Tron realness. I can't get enough of this new uniform.

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New!Thor Addresses Those Damn Feminists Who Ruin Everything

Snortblat would be so proud.

Well, okay, no—she addresses jerks like Absorbing Man here who think feminists are actively trying to make his life worse simply by wanting more out of their entertainment than just the same three or four white dudes punching stuff together in every single comic book. More like Nolmir, am I right, guys?

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Age of Ultron Poster Has All Our Faves, Name-Drops Hayley Atwell, Anthony Mackie, and a Possible Spider-Man Connection?

Plus perpetually-blurry Vision.

It's so shiny! And informative!

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Yes Hello New Images From Age Of Ultron, How Good To See You

Say hi to your mother for me.

Some of then are even behind the scenes photos! Either that, or Joss Whedon is making a cameo in his own film as a very authoritative director-type who's constantly telling the Avengers what to do.

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Thor’s Got A New House: Iceland Is Building the First Temples To Norse Gods They’ve Had In A Millennium


Thor, Odin, and Frigga would be very pleased by this: Iceland is building its first major temple to the Norse gods in, well, a very, very long time. Since Vikings was at its most relevant, basically.

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Thanos Is Accidentally Santa In This Ridiculous(ly Cute) Video From Marvel

Spider-Man just wants a real Marvel movie.

What do your favorite heroes want for Christmas? Thanks to this wacky new clip from Marvel, you can find out! The best part of this video, besides Thanos in a Santa suit, is Hawkeye just asking for the most ridiculous arrows in the world - including a subtle jab at the Green Arrow. You just got Hawkeye sassed!

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Fans Create the DC/Marvel Crossover Movie We Deserve

"Great Hera!" "By Odin's beard!" *pause* *louder shouting* "Great! Hera!" *even louder shouting* "By Odin's! Beard!"

It's been more than ten years since the last time DC and Marvel got it together long enough to make a crossover book, and if you think the negotiations between New Line and Warner Bros. over rights to produce and distribute The Hobbit were bad, scale New Line up to a company the size of Disney, throw in Sony Pictures and Fox Studios, and consider how unlikely it is that we'd get any of them to make a movie bridging the Justice League, Avengers, X-Men, and Spider-Man universes.

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Review: Marvel Comics’ Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #1

Yes, angels named a baby Angela. Move past it.

As much as I love legacy heroes, and the gender and race bending opportunities they present, it’s nice to see an original superhero get her own series. Angela, former member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor and Loki’s long lost sister, is headlining her own comic book and, if the first issue is any indication, it may well be the best new series in recent memory.

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Kneel Before Your God: Chris Hemsworth Is 2014’s Sexiest Man Alive

He really... dropped the hammer on the other candidates.

People Magazine has named Thor—er, Chris Hemsworth—the Sexiest Man Alive in 2014. Do you agree?

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Noelle Stevenson to Write the Goddess of Thunder in 2015 Thor Annual

More like, No-hel Stevodinson.

The Internet's Noelle Stevenson (also Nimona and Lumberjanes' Noelle Stevenson) is taking on a Marvel comic! Marvel has just announced that Stevenson will be writing a story for Thor Anuual #1, out in February, 2015. Translation: Stevenson's going to get to write one of a few self-contained stories that'll be printed in one oversized issue of Marvel's currently relaunched Thor comic, in which the wielder of Mjolnir is a still-unknown female character.

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