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Happy Dead Duck Day, Everyone!

A holiday commemorating "the first case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard" is weird enough for us to get behind.

On June 5, 1995, scientific history was made when an unlucky male mallard duck flew thoughtlessly into a new glass wall at the Natural History Museum Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The poor bird died instantly, but it's story was far from over. Instead of being buried in a shoebox in the musuem's back yard, as seems appropriate, the dead duck would lead to a piece of award-winning scientific research in the most humiliating way possible -- by being the first documented victim of homosexual necrophilia in mallard ducks.

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Dutch Police Request DNA to Solve Cold Case, Alleged Murderer Submits His Own

After 16-year-old Marianne Vaatstra was raped and murdered in the Netherlands in 1999, the case quickly went nowhere. Those responsible were were never found, though the police conducted a thorough investigation. There were, however, traces of matching DNA on both the girl's body and a lighter in her bag. This summer, the police decided to conduct a mass DNA dragnet of around 7,000 local men. Compliance wasn't mandatory, but that didn't stop the man that appears to be Vaatstra's killer from submitting his own.

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Five More Rivalries We Need Paul the Psychic Octopus to Settle

Paul the psychic octopus, everyone's favorite animal oracle who's guessed the outcomes of Germany's 2010 World Cup matches with 100% accuracy, has made his selection for the winner: While his owner has cautioned that Paul's expertise is in German matches, Paul has come to the conclusion that Spain will ultimately beat the Netherlands.

With a perfect record so far, there might just be something to this tentacled teller of fortunes. And that's why we've decided to ask Paul five more pressing questions that need an official answer. Which choices will Paul ooze his way into? Only Paul knows. And with some of the world's most important debates presented before him, Paul will have to summon the full power of the cosmos. Or however the flip he does it.

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