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Universal Pictures Joins See-Saw Films in Developing a Mary Magdalene Biopic

Looks like one of the most talked-about, but rarely heard from, female figures from the Bible is finally getting her due. Universal Pictures has just joined forces with See-Saw Films (the indie film company behind such British films as The King's Speech, Macbeth, and Mr. Holmes) to develop a biopic on the life of Mary Magdalene.

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Over 50,000 People Want Target Australia To Stop Selling the Bible, Which They Don’t Actually Sell

Jesus wept.

Oh well, let he who is without sin sign the first petition, am I right?

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Analysis of Bible Reveals Genesis Death Sandwich, Less Metal Than It Sounds

Literary analysis is one of those things that often draws the short end of the stick. To those that don't actually participate in literary analysis, the whole process and results can seem a little inside baseball. Who really wants to talk about the literary theory of deconstruction unless they're already invested in it? Sometimes, though, literary analysis can provide real gems. For example, researchers have discovered what they're calling the "Genesis death sandwich" literary theme in the first book of the Bible. Yeah.

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Steal More Than Just The Shampoo: British Hotel Offers Kindles Instead of Bibles

The Hotel Indigo in Newcastle, U.K. today began offering their guests Kindles in place of the bibles you usually see in the drawer of your nightstand. The Kindle will come with a pre-downloaded copy of the Bible for guests to peruse at their leisure. However, I doubt that the hotel management will be as inviting as the Gideons are for guests to take this bible home.

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