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Brad Bird’s Unnamed Sci-Fi Film Gets a Name Switch, Flirts With George Clooney

Cautiously Optimistic

Look, this will all make sense in a moment. Brad Bird, see, the guy behind The Incredibles, The Iron Giant, Ratatouille, and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, is working on this unnamed science fiction film, according to Hollywood buzz. Written by, yes, Damon Lindelof, it's currently running with the code name 1952, understood to be a codename that may or may not have anything to do with the actual content of them movie. The movie was also briefly known as Tesla, which, again, may or may not actually be related to the subject of the movie. Who is currently related to the movie? George Clooney.

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Traditional Auto Dealers Complain That Tesla Stores Are Illegal, Clearly Have Our Best Interests in Mind

Tesla Motors is making quite a splash in the automobile industry. The announcement of their ambitious solar-powered Supercharger network for their Model S electric cars was a pretty big deal, and that's only one of their initiatives. It looks like the way Tesla is getting the word out there has upset some traditional auto dealer associations. See, it's basically illegal for an automaker to directly sell their cars to customers. That's what Tesla's opponents are saying they're doing with their high-end mall stores.

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Tesla Unveils Solar-Powered Supercharger Network, Ambitiously Plans to Cover Entire United States

Tesla Motors has apparently taken to heart the idea that they should go big or go home. The company behind the Model S electric car has announced their ambitious Supercharger network, which will allow their cars to charge at ludicrous speeds compared to other electric offerings. There are currently only six stations, all of which are in California, but Tesla is already planning on expanding across the continental United States. The kicker? Model S owners will get to charge free at any Supercharger station.

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Tesla Can’t Charge From 0% Battery, Can Be Permanently Bricked

So it seems that Tesla cars have an interesting problem that you might not think an electric car would have; they can't charge from 0% battery. If you leave a Tesla parked for too long, its background systems -- which are permanently running  -- can drain the battery all the way down, at which point the car is effectively useless unless you purchase a new battery from Tesla for about $40,000. Your Tesla can get "bricked."

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Geekolinks: 7/14

Electrocuted Elephants, Perpetual Energy, and the GM Electrovan: The Bloom Box in Context

Thanks a lot, Edison While the name “energy server” might conjure up a high tech device unfathomable before this century, the newly unveiled Bloom Box is actually based on a much more staid concept: the fuel cell. While in recent years fuel cells have been all the rage due to their potential usage in everything from cars to laptops, their origins actually go back almost 200 years.

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