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Today in Geek History: The Mir Space Station Enters Orbit

The International Space Station is pretty tops, hosting all sorts of events like Google Hangouts and jam sessions that make you feel like you're really there. But for as cool as it is, it's a Johnny-come-lately on the space station scene, and geeks of a certain age -- yours truly included -- can be forgiven for having a special place in our heart for the space station we grew up with. On February 20th, 1986, Russia's Mir space station was launched into orbit, where it remained an orbital center for science and research until it plummeted back to Earth in 2001.

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Chris Hadfield’s #ValentineFromSpace Is Pretty Much The Most Adorable Thing Ever

People, can we acknowledge for a moment that Canadian astronaut and ISS Commander Chris Hadfield is absolutely blowing up right now? In the last couple of weeks, dude has hosted a Google Hangout explaining life on the ISS, chatted with Captain Kirk, and rocked out with Barenaked Ladies. This morning, though, found Hadfield getting all poetical, tweeting a Valentine photo of a free-floating iceberg taken from the ISS with the message "Without you my heart is a lonely iceberg." (And since we're all wondering it, sorry, folks, he's spoken for.) People are of course eating it up, because it's totally sweet and from space and... shut up you guys, there's something in my eye! Since Valentine's Day is all about sharing the love, Hadfield wants to hear your space-themed Valentines all day. He'll even be retweeting the best -- or cheesiest -- ones, which is pretty great, but also makes us suspect that running the ISS might be a little easier than we've been led to believe. There seems to be a lot of free time for hanging out on the Internet involved, at least. Get @Cmdr_Hadfield with your best #ValentineFromSpace today, and when it gets retweeted, you can tell your special guy or lady it was all about them -- even if you were getting a little swoony over Hadfield when you sent it, because who doesn't love a man in a space suit? We're not made of stone! You can see some of our favorite #ValentineFromSpace below, and we'll be updating all day, so be sure to check back regularly so you'll have something nice to say to your Valentine tonight, even if you did steal it from the Internet.

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