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If Snopes Ever Won You a Bar Bet, Then You Should Kick In Cash to #SaveSnopes From Closure

Who snopes the snopers?

Yesterday, in a blog post, the editorial team posted an appeal to their readers, saying that they're currently at the mercy of an ad vendor, who is essentially holding the site hostage.

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Hotel Keys Do Not Store Your Personal Information, but Here’s Why You Might Think That

They can store your personal information, but it doesn't mean they do.

As I learned on a family vacation this weekend, some people think that their hotel keycard is encoded with all sorts of personal information. This belief leads to people refusing to turn in their keycards at the end of a hotel stay for fear of that information being stolen. It's not true, but here's why some people think it is.

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No, Rubbing Vicks Vaporub On Your Feet Does Not Prevent Coughing

Unless your feet are coughing, in which case you might have a different problem.

It's nowhere near the level of the now infamous "privacy notice status update" yet, but we've started to see a disturbing trend of people on Facebook telling each other that rubbing Vicks Vaporub on your feet works to prevent coughing. Yeah, your feet. Normally we wouldn't think we'd need to explain why that's not right, but

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