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Male Black Widows Must Dance For Their Mates To Remind Them They’re Not Food

It's hard when you have eight left feet.

If you thought your relationship was grim, a recent study published in Frontiers of Zoology posits that male Black Widows must thrust their ''pelvises" repeatedly to remind their eight-legged mates not to eat them.

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Sticky-Footed Spider Robot Could Help Out on Space Missions (And Also Haunt Our Dreams)

Can he swing from a web? No he can't. He's a robot.

If there's one thing we can agree about regarding space, it's that it doesn't have enough robots in it yet. Scientists at Simon Frasier University in Canada feel this way as well, so they're working on a bot that can climb walls vertically to aid human astronauts on space missions. Let's just hope it never achieves sentience and begins to resent us.

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Because Everybody Loves Bacon: Watch Sea Lice Consume A Pig From The Inside Out

Have you ever wondered what a pig would look like if you turned it into a centimeters thick living carpet of writhing underwater scavengers? Wonder no more, thanks to the latest work from forensic scientists at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. In an effort to better understand how human corpses decompose in seawater, the research team placed a pig carcass  -- the most accurate, though least flattering, analog for human decomposition -- in a cage in the nearby Salish Sea to see how it would fare. It took a colony of sea lice just 4 days to colonize the corpse inside and out, reducing it to a pile of bones.

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