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Seoul National University

Beetle Wings Inspire Electronic Sensor, Makes Machines More Sensitive Than Man

A flexible electronic sensor mimics the structure of a beetle's wing, locking two sheets of tiny polymer fibres together to create a surface that can detect pressures as low as 5 Pa and, for the first time, distinguish between pressure, shear, and torsion. Considering how important it is for an android to be able to distinguish between someone shaking their hand and someone trying to rip their arm out, I'd say this is some important stuff indeed.

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Researchers Create Glowing Dog That Can Be Turned On and Off

Researchers at Seoul National University have announced the creation of a genetically modified, glow-in-the-dark dog. The female beagle, named Tegon, glows fluorescent under ultraviolet light. But, perhaps surprisingly, glow-in-the-dark animals aren't all that new since we've seen glowing pigs and fish before. What is particularly interesting about Tegon is that the glowing ability is capable of being turned on and off. When ingested by the dog with food, the drug doxycycline can activate or deactivate the ability to glow. Led by Lee Byeong-chun, the researchers used the same somatic cell nuclear transfer technique to make Tegon glow that was used in 2005 to make the world's first cloned dog, Snuppy.

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