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The Revenant Costume Designer Jacqueline West Starts Scholarship for Native American Youth

Jacqueline West, who's received Oscar nominations for her work as a costume designer on Quills, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and The Revenant worked with the Fashion Institute Of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles to start a fashion/costume design scholarship for youth of Native American descent.

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Cards Against Humanity Scholarship For Women In STEM Raised Over $500K

Cards Against Humanity announced a science-themed expansion pack a few months back, which promised to donate its profits to scholarships for women going into STEM. Well, the pack has raised over $500k, and the applications for the Science Ambassador Scholarship are now open!

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Things We Saw Today: Pixar’s Inside Out Explains How Memories Work

I like Goofball Island, too.

Listen to Amy Poehler explain how memories work and how they affect peoples' personalities in this clip from the Inside Out movie. Or, just listen to Amy Poehler. Because that's always worth it.

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Cards Against Humanity Funds Women’s STEM Scholarship With New Science Pack

Uranus. The planet. What were YOU thinking?

Cards Against Humanity, a game known for its funny and offensive dark humor, released a new science-themed deck, and the money they make from profits will be going to a scholarship for women who are going into STEM education.

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University Offers Scholarship Based On Application Tweets Instead of Essays

The University of Iowa, in a wild attempt to stay hip and relevant, has announced that they will offer a full-ride scholarship, thats $37,000 dollars folks, to the applicant with the best essay...that's 140 characters or less. This isn't the first time twitter has been involved in scholarly pursuits or had its character limits used as a creative constraint. This probably is the first time the stakes have been this high though, roughly $265 per character. Naturally, there are some people who aren't entirely thrilled by this proposition, and who could blame them. The "essay" has inherited a lot of respect over its years of service and rightly so. Despite the fact that few people like writing them, they have a pretty good track record. Tweets, on the other hand, are still fairly young, and lets face the real issue here, they aren't that much work to put together. Or so you would think. With all that potential riding on each word, each one is going to get a lot harder to choose and an applicant is going to have to make some serious value judgments about what ideas, much less what words, are worthy of being included. Then again, it could all be a plot to entice people to pay some attention to the University of Iowa. Still, seems like a good deal. When I applied to school "the Twitter" didn't exist; We had to write 67,000 word essays, in blood, uphill, both ways. (via The Escapist)

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