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Second Carnival Ship Loses Power, Begins Poop Cruise II: The Secret of the Ooze

Look, if you're on a cruise, there aren't too many things worse than hitting an iceberg. That still takes the cake, but there are some things worth avoiding, if you can help it. Like being dead in the water for days without power, as we've seen before. But at this point -- with so many malfunctions -- shouldn't we all just expect it? Fool me once, and all that? So the problem is us, not them. For example, Carnival Cruise Lines just had another power -- and sanitation! -- problem with one of its ships in the Caribbean. When toilets stop working on a vessel with more than four thousand passengers, unpleasantness will ensue.

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Designers Compete To Be Bill Gates’ Choice for Toilet of the Future

As we've reported here earlier, Bill Gates has deemed it time for a new toilet. For the last couple days, teams of engineers and designers from around the world arrived in Seattle to show off their best designs for the honey bucket of the future, competing against one another to see how they handled solid waste. Don't worry, you guys, it's all soy-based gunk -- it's just supposed to look a lot like poop, a goal at which it succeeds admirably. Participants in the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge, needed to meet several criteria set by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is throwing its philanthropic weight (read: millions of dollars of cash money grants) behind the project in the hopes of creating a functioning off-the-grid sanitation system for the developing world.

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Your Consumer Electronics Are Filthy [Infographic]

Sure to terrify you into a downward spiral of constant cleaning and sanitizing is this infographic from the folks over at Keeping It Kleen. Their goal, it seems, is to so disgust you with information about the terrible, microscopic things lurking all over your consumer electronics is that you'll start cleaning up the place a bit. However, if you're simply interested in some surprising statistics, this infographic has that as well.

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