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Things We Saw Today: Empire Magazine‘s Man of Steel Cover

Things We Saw Today

Please tell me I'm not the only one reminded of Rob Liefeld's bulbous-chested Captain America here. Just a little bit, for just a second. It's the angle! You can see two more pics—one of Jor-El, one of General Zod—at /Film.

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Return Violin To Get Your Money Back? No, Says PayPal, Smash It To Bits Instead!


Remember when PayPal tried to ruin Christmas? Well now they've gone and ruined the New Year, too. What you see above is the remnants of an antique World War II era violin. Why is it lying in ruins (and being cried over by Dawson)? PayPal told the purchaser of said violin to destroy it so he could get his money back. I would say "cue the violins" but well, as you can see, that isn't possible. 

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How Paypal Is Ruining Christmas For Regretsy And Countless Children

Today in things that make us scream incoherently

So apparently Paypal is making people cry. Again. This time their illogical sights have been set on Regretsy, the "fail blog" equivalent to Etsy. The site attempted a large gift exchange program for children in the Regretsy community but were unceremoniously shut down after Paypal decided helping children wasn't a "worthy cause." What's the deal here? 

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An Internet Advent Calendar Round Up: One for Every Geek

It's the first of December, and for lots of kids out there, that means they get to see what's on the other side of the door labeled 1 on their Advent Calendar. Well, with a holiday as decentralized from its literal purpose as Christmas is, there's no reason why everyone else can't have fun as well. Below we present a round up of advent calendar features from around the internet, so you can open as many doors as you feel like. And have a happy first night of Hanukkah, everybody!

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Regretsy Wants You to Sing “Achy Breaky Heart” in Klingon

Got a decent singing voice?  Good at pronouncing glottal stops?  Not adverse to viral internet phenomena? If so, Regretsy is doing a thing that may be relevant to your interests.  It all started with an Alchemy request on Etsy. Etsy, the popular online storefront for hand-crafters, has a feature called Alchemy, where potential buyers can post descriptions of hand-made items that they'd like to purchase from anyone who would want to make them.  Crafters bid to win permission to get paid to make the item.  A few days ago, April Winchell of Regretsy, "the fail blog of hand crafts," noticed a particularly unique request:

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Finally: A Sweater for You and Your Laptop

Regretsy has discovered a request on Alchemy, Etsy's forum for requests, for a laptop sweater.

What's a laptop sweater, you ask? Obviously: a sweater that covers a person and their MacBook ... at the same time.

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