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Woman Dances Around Office In The Most Heartwarming “I Quit” Video Ever [Video]

And man, can that lady dance.

Marina Shifrin works at -- or, well, used to work at Next Media Animation, the company that makes those Taiwanese news-reenacting viral videos . She wasn't particularly satisfied with the way things were going there, so she quit -- and decided to break he news to her boss by making a viral video of her very own.

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This Taiwanese Animation of Sony’s PlayStation 4 Event’s Better Than Sony’s PlayStation 4 Event

Sony didn't give us a look at what the PlayStation 4 actually looks like during their event last night, but it's safe to assume it is not a human-sized robot that shoots lasers from its eyes. That didn't stop the goodly folks at Next Media Animation from speculating as such. Their animated version of the event is borderline insane, and a lot more fun to watch than the event itself.

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Mark Zuckerberg Rides A Bull Through Wall Street, Goring Bystanders [Video]

Now that the Facebook IPO is finally going down, you're probably wondering "what exactly happened?" If so, this "re-enactment" from everyone's favorite Taiwanese Animation house Next Media Animation is the perfect primer on what totally didn't happen. That said, you're good old pal Zuckerburger totally has enough money to do pretty much whatever he wants. The fact that it wasn't this is just a coincidence.

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