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The Best Way to Get Girls Into Science and Tech? Help Them Become “Makers,” Says Intel


Research shows the percentage of women earning undergraduate computer science degrees in the United States is at an all-time low, despite the fact that a sizable majority of us carry mini-computers on our person at all times these days and have the audacity to call them "phones." But a new study by Intel says there's hope for the future.

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Watch the White House Maker Faire Live Right Now

Build a robot today... for America!

Today is the White House Maker Faire, and you can watch it live with the power of the Internet!

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We Got a Look at the BeagleBone Black Ahead of this Weekend’s Maker Faire

Now we want to build things!

When it comes to DIY maker projects, we tend to focus on the end result rather than the tools being used, but we couldn't pass up the chance to have BeagleBoard Community Manager Jason Kridner come by the office to show off the tiny but powerful BeagleBone Black computer. He pulled it out of an Altoid tin.

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Teenage Girls Harness the Power of Urine, Create a Pee-Powered Generator

i'll just leave this here

Don't let the headline throw you off: This is an amazing, if a bit icky, story. A quartet of teenage girls in Africa, the eldest of whom is only 15, invented a urine-powered generator for last weekend's Maker Faire Africa.

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Maker Faire 2012: Pics or It Didn’t Happen Edition

We rounded up our favorite things from this weekend's Maker Faire yesterday, and now it's time for some photos of the event. Take a look at some of the more awesome things we saw in the flesh. Well, okay, technically the metal and plastic, mostly. Still, enjoy!

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Hacked Knitting Machine Crafts Infinite Regression Bill Cosby Sweater

At the Maker Faire in Queens, artist Andrew Salomone showed off his hacked knitting machine that knits images uploaded via computer. Far, far more importantly than that, he showed off this infinite regression Bill Cosby sweater. It's a sweater featuring an image of Cosby wearing a sweater that features an image of Cosby wearing a sweater and so on. The neck of this majestic garment is designed to continue the regression by including the head of the wearer, meaning that for it to ever be complete, it must be worn by Cosby himself. Someone needs to get Salomone in touch with Wil Wheaton. I have a feeling that in terms of wardrobe, they'd get on like a house on fire. Video is after the break.

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