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Google’s Got a Fun Wonder Woman Game to Teach Kids to Code

There are many ways in which superheroes can inspire kids, but what about going beyond moral lessons and teaching specific practical skills? Google's Made with Code is doing just that, and they're using the Wonder Woman movie to do it.

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Girls’ Programming Skills Hit the Fashion Week Runway in LED-Studded Dress

Through Google's "Made With Code" program, a group of girls were able to help fashion designer Zac Posen show off a fantastic LED-studded dress for New York Fashion Week. Their efforts helped bring the lights to the party, as they programmed the lights themselves into designs that would display on the runway.

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NBD, Just a 17-Year-Old PhD Student Programming Robots to Learn From Humans

Dear Tesca, Please use your robot army for good. All the best, Humanity.

Google's Made With Codeinitiative is all about getting school-aged girls coding, and part of that is simply inspiring them to want to code. This video of 17-year-old Tesca, a Georgia Tech robotics PhD student -- did we mention she's 17? -- is certainly inspiring. You can watch more of these on the Made With Code YouTube channel.

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Google Wants to Pay for Women to Learn How to Code

Not being evil.

Since tech companies like Google started releasing their diversity numbers it's become quickly apparent that those numbers skew heavily towards white male employees. It's a problem, but one Google acknowledges and wants to fix. They've announced a plan to pay for women and minorities to learn to code.

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The Gender Gap in Tech Could Shrink If Google’s “Made With Code” Initiative Has Anything to Say About It

Take THAT, gender gap in tech!

Google's Susan Wojcicki, CEO of Youtube, knows coding is kind of a big deal. She also knows there's a serious gender gap in the tech field, and she wants to change that with Google's new "Made With Code" initiative -- a program to get school-aged girls coding early.

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