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Things We Saw Today: Grumpy Cat, Game Master

Things We Saw Today

Designed by Bradley Clopton, this Grumpy Cat/D&D illustration is available in shirt form over yonder. (Fashionably Geek)

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Lori Garver is Leaving NASA

So long, and thanks for all the space.

NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver will be stepping down from her position next month to take a job with the Air Line Pilots Association. She gave the news to colleagues via email, and an official announcement from NASA was just released today.

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NASA Announces Asteroid Grand Challenge, Wants Your Help in Stopping Them

Well, as much help as you can provide, anyway.

Hop into your triangle-shaped spaceship and start shooting dots at drifting polygons, because NASA wants you to do your part in stopping asteroids from destroying the planet. On Tuesday, the space agency announced the Asteroid Grand Challenge, a wide-ranging initiative aimed at tracking and eliminating asteroids that could impact the Earth. To achieve its goals, NASA is reaching out to the public for help.

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Bill Nye, Lori Garver and More Answer Your Asteroid Questions During Google Hangout This Afternoon

The White House's latest 'We The Geeks' Hangout will either put you at ease about asteroid strikes or utterly terrify you. Let's find out which together!

Today, you've got a chance to get caught up on all the latest news and science on asteroids courtesy of We The Geeks, a Google Hangout presented by the White House. At 2pm EDT this afternoon, you can join Bill Nye, NASA's own Lori Garver, astronaut Ed Lu, IAU astronomer Jose Luis Galache and aspiring asteroid miner Peter Diamandis of Planetary Resources for a round table discussion on all things asteroids -- from how we could harvest them for minerals to what happens if we have to try and dodge one.

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Have a Question for NASA? Deputy Chief Lori Garver is Doing an AMA Today

We do our very best here at Geekosystem to keep you apprised of what NASA is up to. It's something we're passionate about, and you all seem to enjoy it as well. We get comments and emails asking us follow up questions about some NASA stories, and we don't always have the answers. NASA Deputy Chief Lori Garver has the answers, and you can ask her anything on Reddit today.

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Humans Will Be Setting Foot on the Moon Again. And Mars. NASA Pinky Swears.

It Came From Outer Space

About a month and a half ago it was announced that NASA might be building a manned outpost located beyond the far side of the moon, giving them a base from which to explore near-Earth asteroids, the moon, and Mars, with the goal of eventually sending astronauts to all three places. And now it looks like NASA will probably announce their official plans to build such a station soon—in part because President Obama got re-elected.

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