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The Internet Schooled a Pundit Who Said No One Needs Libraries Anymore

"Do not come for library Twitter."

Technology has changed the world, especially in how we consume information, in a lot of ways recently. And yet, the obsolescence of centers of learning and information from the Before Time has also been greatly exaggerated. One political pundit learned the hard way that you do not mess with libraries, librarians, or those who love them.

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This School Librarian Turned Down a Book Donation From Melania Trump With a Scathingly Polite Open Letter

Do not f-- with librarians.

For National Read a Book Day, Melania Trump sent Dr. Seuss books to one school from each state. A school librarian from Cambridge, Massachusetts, though, has declined the offer, explaining her reasoning in an open letter.

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Things We Saw Today: What Happened to These Famous TV Couples?

Beware The Syndrome.

Here with one of the most accurate (read: not accurate at all) descriptions of what happened to these prime time sweethearts is writer Chris Scott.

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New York Public Library Embraces Remix Culture with ‘Remix Residency’ to Celebrate Digital Release of Public Domain Collection

So far, the 21st Century has been all about remixing. The New York Public Library, being a place that houses our culture throughout history, has recently embraced this aspect of us. First, by making their enormous public domain archive digitally available for the first time, and second, by creating a Remix Residency for artists to encourage its use.

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Captain Marvel Author Shannon Hale Highlights the Problems With Gendered Library Programs

Her eight year old daughter said, "No girls allowed? That's not fair. I like robots."

Author Shannon Hale took to Twitter to highlight a problem at her local library: on a poster advertising a robotics program were the words "No Girls Allowed."

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Urban Whimsy Crackdown: Free Little Libraries Shut Down by Local Governments

Do not let the Taylor Dooses of the world win.

You know those little birdhouse-sized cabinets nailed to power line poles or planted in public fields? The ones full of books that are free for the taking? Yeah. Apparently someone isn't down with the idea of a community sharing books with each other.

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Report Shows American Libraries Receive Most Complaints For YA, Graphic Novels, and Books by People of Color

Uh, happy National Library Week?

The American Library Association's new State of America’s Libraries Report lists the books that most frequently prompted a "formal, written complaint filed with a library or school requesting that a book or other material be restricted or removed because of its content or appropriateness" in 2014--and according to the ALA's findings, 80% of the most frequently challenged books "reflect diverse authors and cultural content."

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Things We Saw Today: AQUA-MOM

Puns (kind of)! Aquaman's mom! It's everything we could want.

Yes, that is very definitely Aquaman's mom. Yes, DC very definitely wants you to be aware of "Aqua-Mom." Yes, we are very endlessly entertained.

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This Little Girl Loves Books SO MUCH. Let’s All Love Books With Her.

Little girls slayin'

Holy cow, eight-year-old Madison from Cleveland really loves books. Let her win you over in the first ten seconds and then blow your mind at 1:30 and 2:15. Madison 2016. Madison forever.

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Survey Shows Millennials Read Just As Much Or More Than Older Adults

Thanks, LeVar!

FELLOWLENNIALS! Look up from your Twittering and rejoice: the PEW Research Center believes our generation has the same healthy love of reading as our ancestors. Heck, we even use the library!

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Fox Announces Gotham Preview Fan Screening (Hurry!)

"I'm Bookman."

Fox has just clued us in to a limited space early screening of Gotham in New York City on Monday, September 15th. Read on for details!

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Margaret Atwood Joins The Future Library Project, Book-Blocks You For 100 Years

Ooooh, the future.

Margaret Atwood's latest book is about to be locked away for the next hundred years. No, not because she doesn't want to read the Amazon reviews, but because she's the first author to have signed up to be a part of the Future Library Project.

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This Amazingly Detailed Library Cake Is Lookin’ Fine

What is this, a room for ants?

Look at that teeny-tiny globe! Those gum drop lamps! The papers left scattered by some harried licorice grad student! I don't think I could ever bring myself to actually chew this hallowed hall of learning to tiny bits inside my mouth, but never before has Dewey Decimal looked so delicious.

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Things We Saw Today: Stressed-Out Dragons

Here, there be high blood pressure.

Mittie Paul's art explores dragons that hoard "out of financial anxiety and whatnot."

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Singapore Library Destroying LGBT-Friendly Childrens Books At Homophobe’s Request

Sir, I believe you are overdue.

In spite of protests and petitions from over four thousand concerned patrons, the Singapore National Library Board is moving ahead on plans to pulp three picture-books that depict non-traditional families--all at the urging of a single bigot.

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New York Public Library To Start Lending Out Internet, Be The People’s Champion

And they've still got books, too!

Have a New York Public Library card? Then congratulations, you are now free to Internet. Thanks to a $500,000 grant (that's a lot of late fees) the NYPL will soon be lending out broadband in an effort to help members who can't afford wireless keep up with the digital age.

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You Can Now Borrow an Aerial Drone From a Library in South Florida


Some universities have awesome "makerspaces" where patrons have access to 3D printers, laser cutters, and other emerging technology. Others have books that are bound in human skin. Thankfully, the University of South Florida's library is closer to the former than the latter, in that they now offer aerial drone check-outs. Though, you never know: after the drones gain sentience and enslave all of humanity just like we've always feared they might, the USF library could one day have both!

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City Shuts Down Free Library Built By Nine-Year-Old

Someone call Leslie Knope immediately.

Just look at this picture. Look at this little boy and his little home-made library and the great big potential for learning and imagination it contains.

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Thank You, Toronto Citizen Who Demanded a Library Remove Hop on Pop, For Protecting Me From Being Hopped Upon

I will not be hopped upon!

A library in Toronto has received a request to remove the Dr. Seuss book Hop on Pop for fear that it will inspire kids to violently attack their fathers in a hopping fashion. As a father with no desire to be hopped upon, I applaud this brave Torontonian for taking a stand to protect me from my child.

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#FollowFriday: Fake Library Stats (@FakeLibStats)

The stats are fake, but the jokes are real.

It's that time again, Internet. #FollowFriday is our weekly segment where we recommend a Twitter account for you to follow. Usually we focus on people, but this week it's Fake Library Stats (@FakeLibStats).

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