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A Glittery, Sparkly Channing Tatum Lets It Go on Lip Sync Battle

Fully decked out in Elsa garb (plus some rad-looking sneaks, where can I cop?), he belted his lip-synced heart out to the Frozen showstopper.

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The Beijing Winter Olympics Song Sounds a Lot Like Frozen‘s ”Let It Go”

Let it go(ld)?

Several Chinese internet users have begun to point out that the Beijing 2022 Olympic theme song sounds a whole lot like Frozen's famous ballad, "Let It Go." The tinkly piano intro, the choruses' crescendo, the instrumentation, the tempo, the wintry lyrics, the fact that both songs are in the exact same key ... the similarities are undeniable.

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The Mary Sue Exclusive: “Let It Go” Lord of the Rings Parody and Interview With The Hillywood Show

Stay tuned for their next video, "Do you want to build an Uruk-Hai?"

Since The Hillywood Show first hit Youtube with its premiere episodeĀ in 2006, it's become a meticulously detailed fandom parody powerhouse that even recently caught the eye of Nerdist Industries. Today we've got their latest video to share, as well as an interview with creators Hilly and Hannah Hindi about their creative process and their immense love forĀ Lord of the Rings.

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Okay, But Why Aren’t We All Talking About How George Takei Lip Synced To “Let It Go?”

Of course, it's not like he cares what we're going to say. Ehh? Ehhhhh?

I know we all have busy lives and we're still more or less trying to recover from Comic-Con, but this video has been out for, like, two months. Why aren't we talking about it constantly?

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Someone Made a Frozen Mod for Grand Theft Auto IV

You know what's scarier than eternal winter? Carjacking.

Grand Theft Auto is usually too chaotic for me to enjoy, but am I a horrible person if I get some catharsis from watching Anna and Elsa wreak destruction across Liberty City in this wicked mod? This is what happens when we as a society truly let go, guys: chaos reigns. Repression is a social construct that saves lives.

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Winter Is Here: The Game of Thrones Version Of Frozen’s “Let It Go” [VIDEO]

Fans Do Cool Things

Disney's Frozen is slowly working its way through the rest of pop-culture, much like a winter's frost. In this latest parody, Ice and Fire (aka Jon and Daenerys) join in to sing out loud about their Westeros woes. But wait! There's more! Click ahead to watch another Game of Thrones fan-created music video featuring hits from Katy Perry, Imagine Dragons, and more.

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No, Anna, Jesse Pinkman Does Not Want To Build a Snowman [Video]

"Do you wanna build a meth lab?"

No wonder your parents want to keep you two separated. There's no snow in Albuquerque! If anything, Jesse's probably got supernatural meth powers, and you don't want that around little kids.

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Frozen Merch Sold Out Everywhere, Parents Go Crazy On Disney’s Facebook

At least people have forgotten about "Dazeem" gate.

Something fascinating is happening over on Disney's facebook: irate parents are venting their frustration with sold-out Frozen merchandise, and wow is it crazy. If only there was a song that succinctly expressed a better way to handle this situation!

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Metal Let It Go Cover Replaces Idina Menzel With Electric Guitar

Winter Is Coming

Someday, I'll have a work day where I don't get Let It Go stuck in my head. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying, it has to happen eventually. Previously in Let It Go

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Accurate Video On When Not to Sing Frozen‘s “Let It Go” Is Accurate [VIDEO]

Warning: May Contain Feelings

Also hilarious and emotionally painful. I don't want to spoil it for you, because it's really better when you don't know what to expect, but... yeah. You've been warned. (via Tumblr) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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