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Bank Behind That “Fearless Girl” Statue Systemically Discriminated Against Hundreds of Female Employees. I Wish I Were Even a Little Surprised

Today in 'unsurprising hypocrisy'

We're not new to the idea that some people use feminism and other forms of perceived wokeness as a sort of commodified deflection shield, attempting to buy themselves goodwill they can then exploit by trampling those they claim to support. This is not something we haven't seen before. But this story of the Wall Street bank that commisioned the "Fearless Girl" statue discriminating against hundreds of women is so over the top it feels like it needs to be from The Onion.

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Rebel Wilson Was Just Awarded a Much Deserved Record-Breaking Sum in Her Defamation Case

Rebel Wilson sued Bauer Media for defamation and has just been awarded a record sum.

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Lawsuit Alleges School’s Discrimination Drove Trans Child to Consider Suicide

A family in Orange County, California has filed a lawsuit against their daughter's private school, alleging that they discriminated against her for being transgender.

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Judge Allows Lawsuit Over Which Bond Movies Must Be in a Box Set

In what sounds like something you'd be more likely to hear in an argument between Bond movie geeks rather than a courtroom, a judge has decided to allow a lawsuit on whether or not a box set of Bond movies actually contains all the Bond movies it should. ... They left Quantum of Solace out, didn't they? That's fair.

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John Oliver Got Sued for This Segment on Coal, So Here It Is Again

As expected, Oliver got hit by a lawsuit yesterday that claimed he staged a “meticulously planned attempt to assassinate the character and reputation” of Murray Energy CEO Bob Murray.

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Lesbian Couple Wins Lawsuit Against Honolulu Police Officer Who Arrested and Assaulted Them

Back in October, we reported about a lesbian couple in Honolulu, HI, Courtney Wilson and Taylor Guerrero, who'd been arrested for kissing in a grocery store. They have finally gotten some justice.

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Kesha Effectively Iced Out of Music Industry for Her Accusations of Abuse, Rape Against Producer

Because I know someone's going to say it: whether you like Kesha's career and the music she makes is not the point here.

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New York Attorney Asks For “Trial By Combat.” Wait, That’s A Real Thing You Can Do?

Staten Island attorney Richard A. Luthmann has requested "trial by combat" in response to a civil suit brought against him and a client, and it doesn't sound like the guy is kidding around. Apparently, this practice never got officially abolished in our Constitution, which is probably something that we should get around to, one of these days.

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Disney to Lady Saying Frozen Ripped Off Her Life Story: “Let It Go”

No, really.

Remember Isabella Tanikumi, who’s suing Disney for $250 million because they allegedly ripped off her life story for Frozen? Yeah. We weren't buying it, and neither is Disney. It is appropriate to say "BURRRRRRN" when we're talking about a movie called Frozen?

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Woman Suing Disney For Stealing Her Life Story In Frozen, Because Sisters, I Guess?

The jig is up, Louisa May. Cease your chicanery forthwith!

I'm p. much done with writing about Frozen, but I think it's important to put this one out there as a PSA for all lawsuit-happy trolls: Isabella Tanikumi has got you beat. The author recently filed a $250 million lawsuit against Disney alleging that Frozen was based not on Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen but on her autobiography Yearnings of the Heart. Audacious, no?

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Lawsuit Accuses X-Men Director Bryan Singer of Sexual Misconduct With Underage Boy

Today in Depressing

The Wrap has obtained copies of federal court documents which reveal a lawsuit accusing Bryan Singer, director of many of the films in the X-Men franchise, Superman Returns, and others, of sexually abusing a seventeen year old boy.

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Animator Aims Lawsuit Against Frozen

You've undoubtedly noticed our new furry focus on the site today, but we understand that the transition may be a rough one, and are committed to easing it by continuing to bring you non-Maru-related news... for now.

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Woman Sues Because She Claims Injuries From a Car Accident Have Kept Her From Using Facebook

So we can just sue anybody for anything now? Is that how it works?

A Nova Scotia woman is suing the company whose driver hit her with his dump truck. Since personal injury law isn't typically something we cover on Geekosystem, I feel like it's worth mentioning that she's suing because she claims her injuries have prevented her from using Facebook.

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J.K. Rowling Sues the Daily Mail for Libel

There's An Apparate For That

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is suing the Daily Mail for libel after they published an article in September titled "How JK Rowling's sob story about her past as a single mother has left the churchgoers who cared for her upset and bewildered" online and "How JK Rowling's sob story about her single mother past has surprised and confused the church members who cared for her" in print. The article related to a recent piece Rowling had written for a charity website about the struggles faced by single parents.  This case comes at an interesting time legally, as libel laws in the UK have recently changed.

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Cosplayers Finally Facing Copyright Legal Action… Except It’s Over a Carpet

*gasp* Twist!

Dragon Con is held at the same Mariott hotel in Atlanta every year, so the people behind Volpin Props decided to get extra-creative and dress up as the unusual-looking carpet that every con-goer knows and... well, tolerates. It was a huge hit with everyone -- right up until the carpet designers slapped them with a Cease & Desist. Womp womp.

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Record Label Sues Spotify Because People Can Make Playlists

It's the latest in frivolous lawsuit technology.

Record label Ministry of Sound is suing music service Spotify because its users can create playlists that mimic MoS's compilation albums and share those playlists with friends. Lest you think the United States has a monopoly on dumb lawsuits, this is all happening in the U.K.

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Apple Drops Trademark Claim on App Store, Stores That Sell Apps Everywhere Now Safe

Apple abandons lawsuit against Amazon

You say App Store, I say Appstore. Apple has decided to call the whole thing off, and has dropped its lawsuit against Amazon for infringing on its trademark for its digital software retail distribution service -- see how much easier it is to just say app store? Apple's lawyers have decided that they don't need a court to tell them that combining "app" and "store" does not make a unique and distinguishable brand, and that it's a lost cause to keep people from referring to a store that sells apps as an app store.

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Things We Saw Today: These Doctor Who Adipose Cookies Look Fattening

Things We Saw Today

Oh yes, I went there. For more amazing-looking Doctor Who cookies by Cookie Cowgirl, visit That's Nerdalicious.

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Summit Entertainment Is Being Sued For An Egregious Amount Of Money By A Twilight Parody Company


Wait until you hear why.

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If This Lawsuit Succeeds, It Could Break Amazon’s Dominance of the eBook Market

Inside of a dog it's too dark to read

The new and growing market for eBooks has allowed companies to call into question some of the basic and universal characteristics of reading and owning books. That you can loan them to your friends, for example, or that by purchasing a book you're also purchasing the ability to read it whenever you want, wherever you want, until you lose it, donate it, give it away, or wear through its well-loved spine. eBook publishers have, to put it mildly, established that these are qualities of a book that they do not intend to carry over to the new format, which is to a certain extent fine, so long as consumers know what they're getting into. But the eBook market also has other problems, namely accusations of price fixing, and, due to the combination of software that limits the kind of device a given eBook can be read on and the dominance of the Kindle over the eReader market, bullying tactics. A new lawsuit filed by three independent bookstores is looking to strike at the heart of the problem: the insistance of eReader makers that their books should not be readable on other devices.

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