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Wonder Woman Getting a TV Show: Gee. Thanks.

Both Deadline Hollywood and The Hollywood Reporter have some blockbuster geek news today: instead of making the long pre-production purgatory dwelling Wonder Woman movie, DC Entertainment is optioning a television show featuring the Amazonian princess, with David E. Kelley to write and produce. Aside from the sense of "Oh, good, somebody is going to do something with Wonder Woman," this tingles every last geek girl sense in my body. Nerdrage commencing in t-minus... now.

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Quiz: Toy Story 3 Review, or Jonah Hex Review?

Depending on whether or not you're a calendar purist, this coming weekend is either the first weekend of summer movies or merely the weekend right before the summer truly begins; either way, there are two big releases coming up in the forms of Toy Story 3 and Jonah Hex.

The two aren't exactly in direct competition -- most young children wouldn't be able to handle the sight of Jonah Hex/Josh Brolin's facial scar, much less Megan Fox's acting -- but the gulf between the two movies in terms of the reviews they're getting is shaping up to be an event unto itself: In short, Toy Story 3 has been getting great reviews, and Jonah Hex has been getting reviews so awful, we wonder if it's the next horrible cult movie in the making.

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Fringe’s Awesome Alternate Universe Comic Covers, Side-by-Side with the Originals

DC's The Source blog has lately been showcasing some variant covers for upcoming comics, all in celebration of the company's 75th anniversary.  So, when a redone and recolored cover of the famous first issue cover for Green Lantern/Green Arrow, with the titular characters now Red Lantern and Red Arrow was offered completely without comment, most people assumed it was just another variant. Last night, The Source revealed that the cover was actually one of a series, created for the season finale of the sci-fi show Fringe.

The covers each represent a direction that the DC editorial staff might have taken in an alternate universe; a sort of opposite day revamp of a famous story.  Above, case in point: Superman: The Man of Steel Returns.  Doesn't quite have the same ring to it as Dark Knight Returns, does it?

We've got all the covers below, to the left of their alternate counterparts.

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Jonah Hex Trailer Rides into Town, Dynamite Crossbow in Hand

After much anticipation, Warner Bros. has released the first full-length trailer for Jonah Hex this afternoon. Set to be released on June 18th, the film is based on the beloved John Albano/Tony DeZuniga comic of the same name. Whatever your familiarity with the original, you will surely appreciate the universal appeal of Josh Brolin firing a stick of dynamite from a crossbow and mowing bad guys down with chainguns mounted on a horse, not to mention John Malkovich as an evil Civil War-man with great facial hair. The biggest drawback: Staring at the nasty scar on Brolin/Hex's face could be tough for the duration of a whole movie. We had our doubts before, but the trailer dispelled some of them: Getting kind of a Wild Wild West vibe from this, which, whatever the haters say, is not an entirely bad thing.

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