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AIM Redesign Gives the Service a Shot in the Arm, a Shot at Relevance

Back when I was a kid, AIM was the premier messaging service. Anyone who was anyone had at least 2 screen names, both involving horrible mispellings, puns, and arbitrary numbers. Back in the days when having someone's screen name (legitimately from them, not just a mutual friend) was more important than having their number. Since then, the advent of social networking has severely changed the instant message landscape and the cyber landscape at large, leaving AIM more or less in the dust. But now, AIM is trying to rise back to relevance with a new redesign, and from what I can tell from its preview features, it looks like it might actually have a fighting chance.

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U.S. Fears Russian Acquisition of ICQ: Apparently, Most Criminals Use It

Um, so did you know this? Apparently ICQ's heyday didn't end millions of years ago. According to an article from CY.TALK, senior U.S. officials are alarmed over the sale of the instant messaging service to a Russian company, fearing they will lose tabs on the criminal underworld. ICQ, which is one of the largest IM services of its kind, is especially popular in Russia and Eastern Europe. The implications are clear: If we don't do something about it, our world will soon be overrun by guys straight out of Eastern Promises.

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