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Five More Rivalries We Need Paul the Psychic Octopus to Settle

Paul the psychic octopus, everyone's favorite animal oracle who's guessed the outcomes of Germany's 2010 World Cup matches with 100% accuracy, has made his selection for the winner: While his owner has cautioned that Paul's expertise is in German matches, Paul has come to the conclusion that Spain will ultimately beat the Netherlands.

With a perfect record so far, there might just be something to this tentacled teller of fortunes. And that's why we've decided to ask Paul five more pressing questions that need an official answer. Which choices will Paul ooze his way into? Only Paul knows. And with some of the world's most important debates presented before him, Paul will have to summon the full power of the cosmos. Or however the flip he does it.

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Creator of iPhone 4 Vs. HTC EVO Videos May Soon Be Fired by Best Buy

In an act that may defy the "all publicity is good publicity" rule, Best Buy has decided to suspend one of its employees, Brian Maupin. His offense was the creation of the incredibly popular (over 1.3 million YouTube views) iPhone 4 vs. HTC EVO video on xtranormal. Now, as you well know from watching the video at least seven times, the first line of it identifies the "store" (area of forest) as Phone Mart, and unless all Best Buys have moved into the woods since I last walked past one on my commute to work, there is no identifying factor to link the salesman (salesanimal?) or location in the video to Best Buy. Until now:

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Slightly-Less-Hilarious Rebuttal to iPhone 4 Vs. HTC EVO Video

We recently wrote about a certain piece of hilarious cinema that explored how brainwashed many Apple fans are about the brand power and awesomeness of the iPhone product line. In that article, we also wrote about how several Apple fans were none too happy about it and were keen to point out all the technological inconsistencies. Well, it looks like one of those angry Apple defenders went on over to and made a bona fide rebuttal video. It's not quite as absurd as the original, as there are no transformations into jet airplanes or money-printing machines. Instead, it tries to drive home the technological argument. More reliable in terms of information? Probably. Funnier? You can decide.

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Sprint Announces World’s First 4G Phone, HTC Evo – We Announce What “4G” Means

Sprint, the country’s third largest wireless provider, announced the HTC Evo today, showcasing the world’s first 4G phone at the communication industry’s annual CTIA event in Las Vegas. This new phone is by all accounts a beautiful beast, decked out with a 4.3 inch screen, two cameras, and Android 2.1; but more importantly, it is the first phone to run on a 4G network.

However, this souped-up phone raises one extremely important question: what exactly does 4G mean?

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