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Slightly-Less-Hilarious Rebuttal to iPhone 4 Vs. HTC EVO Video

We recently wrote about a certain piece of hilarious cinema that explored how brainwashed many Apple fans are about the brand power and awesomeness of the iPhone product line. In that article, we also wrote about how several Apple fans were none too happy about it and were keen to point out all the technological inconsistencies.

Well, it looks like one of those angry Apple defenders went on over to and made a bona fide rebuttal video. It’s not quite as absurd as the original, as there are no transformations into jet airplanes or money-printing machines. Instead, it tries to drive home the technological argument. More reliable in terms of information? Probably. Funnier? You can decide.

It looks like this cinematic style, if you can call it that, is actually pretty good for getting your point across. But once politicians start using xtranormal to make their campaign ads, all Hell will have broken loose.

(Via WildAmmo)

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