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Canadian Man Trying to “Destroy” Ex-Wife with a Revenge Website

He said he won't take it down until she's dead.

Patrick Fox created a website named after his ex-wife Desiree Capuano. On it, he's posted stalker-esque pictures, alleges she's a white supremacist, and just completely tries to destroy every bit of her character.

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Here’s A Horrific Scientific Survey Of 50 Bats Being Captured By Spiders

Here's some nightmare fuel you could have gone the rest of your life without knowing: every continent except Antarctica hosts spiders so large, they can trap bats in their webs. That's according to a study released earlier this month in the open-access journal PLOS ONE that records in often gruesome detail 50 incidents of spiders ensnaring bats. In related news, who is moving to Antarctica with me right the hell now?

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Beetle Eats Toad and Nature is Horrifying [Video]

Because it's Friday and we hate you: Here's a video of a beetle killing and eating a toad that is much, much larger than the beetle. Naw, just kiddin' readers. We love you almost as much as we love posting horrifying nature videos. (via Gizmodo)

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Snail Eats Worm With Shocking Speed, Terrifying Efficiency [Video]

Far from the mundane garden snails that we here in the US are familiar with, New Zealand snails are large, stealthy predators. Watch in horror as the Amber Snail silently stalks its squishy prey: The earthworm. Recoil in fear, as the snail deploys its terrifying mouth parts and attacks the worm with split-second speed. Shudder as it sucks down its meal like squirming spaghetti. You'll never look at garden snails the same way ever again. (via BuzzFeed, Science News Blog)

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Report: China Manufacturing Plastic Rice, Selling It as Real Food

In what is the most diabolical thing I have read today, a report from Very Vietnam alleges that some Chinese food producers are creating synthetic rice out of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and plastic. The "rice" is made by mixing the potato material together, shaping it into grains, and then adding an "industrial resin" as a binding agent. Very Vietnam says that these resins can be very harmful if eaten. Going on to indicate exactly how much plastic is involved, the website says:

A Chinese Restaurant Association official said that eating three bowls of this fake rice would be like eating one plastic bag.
The obvious motivation behind this scheme is money, since the synthetic "rice" is cheaper to produce. This is just another, albeit somewhat more disquieting, in the long line of tainted or defective products apparently coming out of China. These would include the poisonous drywall, and tainted milk. If true, this a cruel, calculated maneuver worthy of Orson Well's character Harry Lime from The Third Man. It's hard not to think of his famous speech atop the ferris wheel, gesturing at the people below:
Would you really feel any pity if one of those dots stopped moving forever? If I offered you twenty thousand pounds for every dot that stopped, would you really, old man, tell me to keep my money, or would you calculate how many dots you could afford to spare?
(via Very Vietnam, image via Wikipedia)

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