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The Superhero Hoodies We Deserve are Now Available on Etsy for a Limited Time

Face it, tiger... we just hit the jackpot!

CoyotePopClothing's handmade-to-order superhero hoodies are 100% polyester, come in sizes XS-3XL, and are only available for a limited time (suspected closing date is January 23rd).

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Moon Prism Power, Zip Up: Dorkly Presents 25 Hoodies For A Very Nerdy Autumn

Made with imitation Tauntaun for conscious consumers.

Whether you're a casual cosplayer or a magical girl who just wants to keep warm, these Sailor Scout hoodies from Rarity's Boutique have got you covered. Head over to Dorkly to see 25 nerdy fall-weather options, including one excellent Tri-Wizard Tournament jacket.

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Things We Saw Today: Google’s Search Algorithm Has a NSFW Suggestion for How to Eat Sushi

Totally a faux pas. Unless it is wanker sushi, of course.

But at what point should I cut a hole in the box?

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Studio Ghibli Themed Hoodies Perfect for Your Over Air-Conditioned Summer Office

I mean, not that you're trying to get the thermostat turned up or anything.

Rarity's Boutique has three new hoodies featuring characters from Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, and Spirited Away!

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Please Buy This Mega Man Hoodie So We Can All Have One, Thanks So Much

If you don't want to wear this you're wrong.

Remember that amazing Assassin's Creed III hoodie? Well, the same folks from Volante Design are teaming up with Capcom to bring you the best Mega Man merch we've ever seen - this super-stylish hoodie/jacket! Sadly, they're pricey to make, and Capcom needs pre-orders before they begin manufacturing. So what are you waiting for? Get buying!

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Custom Sailor Moon Hoodies Are Out of This World


Etsy seller Rarity's Boutique is preparing to reopen commissions for new garments next week, and among the new styles on offer will be these hoodie replicas of Sailor Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury. Fashionably Geek has an exclusive preview of their features, including fleece edging and removable bows. We just thought you'd like  to know. Previously in Clothing

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I’m Sorry, But You Can’t Actually Buy These Amazing Superhero Hoodies

Today in Depressing

But I'm feeling evil, so I've decided to show them to you anyway. Yes, these hoodies by deviantARTist seventhirtytwo are only concept designs, not actual products. Feel the pain. (via: Fashionably Geek)

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Things We Saw Today: Victorian-Era Star Trek Cosplay

Things We Saw Today

These Game of Thrones House Hoodies Look Snuggly and Awesome

It is known

Etsy seller Rarity's Boutique will be selling these beautifully detailed Game of Thrones hoodies starting November 4. Now you can wear the colors of your favorite house - Baratheon, Lannister, Stark, or Targaryen - wherever you go. They look comfy and warm for winter, which is well, coming.

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A Tanooki Suit Hoodie That Doesn’t Have the Tanooki’s Fabled Testicles

If you're really into legendary Japanese creatures that are famous for their enormous testicles, and want to emulate wearing their skin while also keeping warm, 80sTees has got the hoodie of your dreams. For just fifty bucks and a bit of patience, this Tanooki Suit hoodie can be yours.

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This Armor-Inspired Hoodie Was So Awesome That It Overwhelmed Its Creator Right Into Vacation

She Turned Me Into a Newt!

Did you happen to see this amazingly cool armor-inspired hoodie floating around the internet yesterday? A lot of people did, and now its creator -- Chadwick Dillon of SOF Works -- has been bombarded with so many requests that he has evacuated the internet. Well, he's gone on vacation until all the requests can be sorted out. But you should really take a look at this thing, and then imagine yourself cosplaying a better version of Snow White and the Huntsman.

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BioWare to Produce Christine Schotty’s Awesome Mass Effect Character Hoodies

Assuming Direct Control

I remember walking around PAX East this year, constantly noticing people in these really slick looking N7 hoodies with the characteristic red strip down the sleeve, and wondering where they heck they got them. Some internet searches afterwards revealed that they were official Bioware duds (undoubtedly being sold at the Bioware room), and available online. Or at least they would be if they hadn't sold out. And for the prices Bioware was asking, I was inclined to be picky and wait for the black version to come back into stock. But Christine Schotty's designs, and their ability to make me look like a Quarian admiral or an Asari Justicar, might just blast their way through my barrier.

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Assassin's Creed Hoodies Available for Pre-Order

Out of all the things in Assassin's Creed that could be made available for retail consumption, they just had to go with the hood, didn't they? Not the crossbow, not the hidden blades, not the poison blade, not the throwing knives -- okay, to be fair, most of those things are deadly weapons and some of them probably exist, but none of that takes away from the fact that these hoodies are awesome. They're now available for pre-order too! If you live in the U.K., though. I guess our friends across the pond have to get the cool stuff first some of the time, right? Enjoy 'em guys and gals.

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Hoodies For Your iPhone, To Win Boxing Championships With

Fashion for Nonhumans

Scrappy underdog iPhones rocking this hoodie have been spotted in iPhiladelphia, jogging through the streets to inspirational music, scaling the steps of the iPhiladephia Museum, being egged on by iMickey, yelling for iDrian ... ok, this stops now. Sorry. (SplashingKoi on Etsy via Bit Rebels)

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