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Zero Women Are Nominated for Best Director, And Other Terrible Decisions from the 2018 Golden Globes

The 2018 Golden Globe nominations are out, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has yet again failed to nominated a woman for Best Director.

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Jordan Peele Responds to All Your Get Out Conspiracy Theories

In a recent video, Jordan Peele answered questions about all those symbolic Get Out details, from the Fruit Loops to the deer to the hats to the ... possible sequel to Being John Malkovich?

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Allison Williams Tells Seth Meyers What White Audiences Won’t Accept About Her Get Out Character

SPOILERS all up in here.

Get Out was one of the best and most thought-provoking films of the year, and as it begins what I'm sure will be a successful journey through awards season one of its stars, Allison Williams, was on Late Night with Seth Meyers talking about the film. One of the most interesting things she brought up was the response of white audiences to her character. **SPOILERS beyond this point if you haven't seen the film.**

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Jordan Peele on Choosing Horror: “Get Out … Is My Greatest Fears in Film”

We're still rolling our eyes over the news that Jordan Peele's awesome directorial debut, Get Out, is being submit for consideration to the Golden Globes as a comedy, because it is very clearly not a comedy. In fact, it's a horror film, a dramatic one at that (albeit with humor in it, for sure), and there's a reason for that.

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Jordan Peele Is Not Laughing About Get Out’s “Comedy” Golden Globe Classification

When news broke that Get Out, Jordan Peele's runaway hit horror movie, would be in the "best motion picture" Golden Globes category for musicals and comedies, the backlash was swift—due in no small part to the movie being an important expression of racial themes. Whether it was ultimately the studio (Universal) or the Hollywood Foreign Press Association—or both—whose actions resulted in that categorization, Peele is unamused.

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Get Out Is Being Submitted to The Golden Globes As a Comedy? I Guess That’s a Choice.

There is no denying that Get Out is one of the most critically and commercially acclaimed films of the year and is certainly deserving of all of the nominations/awards. Yet, according to Entertainment Weekly, the movie's campaign will be submitting itself as a comedy for The Golden Globes. M'kay?

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Jordan Peele Has a Twilight Zone Reboot in the Works

The Get Out writer and director is bringing back a thriller/sci-fi classic! Jordan Peele is in talks with CBS to reboot the classic series, The Twilight Zone.

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The Legacy of The Stepford Wives

After watching Get Out earlier this year, the movie that kept coming to my mind, and many others was The Stepford Wives. Based on the book by Ira Levin, the mind behind Rosemary’s Baby as well, the film and novel deal with the idyllic town of Stepford, in which all of the wives are unusually dedicated to their husbands and families. The main character Joanna Eberhart and her best friend Bobbie Markowe watch as their friends change overnight and become “obedient male fantasies.”

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Things We Saw Today: The Ladies of Riverdale Get Leather’d Up

Things We Saw: Ladies of Riverdale in leather, new Star Wars game footage, 'Get Out' nominations and ... Project V?

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Things We Saw Today: Guillermo del Toro’s Tequila Is Something Right Out of a del Toro Movie

“Tequila courses through the veins of my native land, Jalisco. It represents a communion between spirit and earth, steeped in time and tradition, and a source of pride that roots us and defines us both," the director writes.

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Things We Saw Today: Supernatural Might Get a Spin-Off Starring Women

Plans are in the works for a potential spin-off from Winchester world that would star Kim Rhodes' character, Sheriff Jody Mills.

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Thank You Jordan Peele For Being Interested in Telling Original Stories Over Remakes

Said no to Akira remake.

Warner Bros. approached him to helm the Akira remake and he turned it down, opting for more original stories.

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Things We Saw Today: Nicki Minaj Helped a Bunch of Her Twitter Followers Pay for College

Nicki Minaj began paying for a bunch of her Twitter followers' education expenses - ranging from $2,034 student loans to $1,000 for summer classes to $6,000 for the fall semester - after one follower asked her if she would pay for tuition.

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The Black Panther Cast Wins the Get Out Challenge

Lupita Nyong'o posted the Black Panther cast's version of the #GetOutChallenge on Instagram.

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Jordan Peele Hollywood’s New “It Director,” in Talks For Live-Action Akira and The Flash

After the enormous success, both critically and financially, of the insta-classic thriller Get Out, it makes total sense that Jordan Peele is the Director du Jour these days, getting to field all sorts of exciting offers. Two of those offers are near and dear to the hearts of geeks everywhere.

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Jordan Peele Becomes the First Black Director to Bring in More Than $100 Million in Feature Debut


Get Out has crossed the 100 million mark, making Jordan Peele the first black director to gross that much in a feature debut.

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Breaking Down Samuel L. Jackson’s Comments: Is Racism in Britain and America Really Different?

Do #BlackLivesMatter everywhere?

Samuel L. Jackson wondered what Get Out would be like "with an American brother who really feels that" and sparked a controversial debate.

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Things We Saw Today: Friends Remember Anton Yelchin on What Would Have Been His 28th Birthday

Former costars and colleagues, along with a number of industry publications, paid tribute to Anton Yelchin today, on what would have been his 28th birthday.

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On the Token Asian in Get Out: a Look at Model Minorities and Conditional Tolerance

Although he doesn't emerge into plot prominence, his fleeting appearance is like an asterisk planted in the conscience that grows into a full-fledged post-viewing speculation.

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Jordan Peele’s Get Out Is Somehow Even Creepier When Mashed Up With the Trump Administration

If you haven't seen Jordan Peele's Get Out, you're not only missing out on a great horror movie, but you will not fully appreciate how much sense this Trump administration/family mashup makes. On one side, you have a genuinely unsettling masterpiece of horror that plays on real-world racial tensions to chilling effect, and on the other side, you have Get Out. (Couldn't resist.)

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