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#FollowFriday: Eric Smith (@ericsmithrocks)

As the Twitter handle implies, Eric Smith rocks.

It's that time of the week where we give you someone to follow on Twitter. This week it's Geek's Guide to Dating author, occasional Geekosystem contributor, and Philadelphia enthusiast Eric Smith who tweets from @ericsmithrocks.

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Matt and Steph Talk About Meeting Over Myspace In This Week’s Geek’s Guide To Dating Episode

Boy, that sentence just made us all feel old.

Apparently back in the days of Myspace, some people actually used it as a dating website. Even better, it worked! At least for Matt and Steph, it did, and as they explain, part of the fun was introducing Steph to all of Matt's favorite nerd movies. It's nice to be able to share things with each other, right?

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The Adorable Geek’s Guide to Dating Webseries Continues! [Video]

Geeks need love, too.

The Geek's Guide to Dating has finally hit store shelves and garnered great reviews, but its webseries still continues! This week, copywriter Katie Slovin and her engineer husband James Slovin discuss not being afraid to tell people what your true interests are and broadening each others' potential Jeopardy! category knowledge.

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It’s the Geekosystem Podcast, Episode 10: “The Geek’s Guide to Dating Eric Smith”

We're getting into a podcasting groove here.

This week, we talk about the three D's: Drones, Diane in 7A, and Dating Advice from Eric Smith, author of Geek's Guide To Dating. A pretty fun time is had by all, unless you're Diane, because not only was that guy a jerk to you, but you also don't exist.

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Latest Episode of Geek’s Guide To Dating Web Series Features Some Familiar Faces

Unless you don't know what Glen Tickle looks like, of course.

This week on The Geek's Guide To Dating, our own senior editor Glen Tickle and his wife Steph sat down to talk about how they met and give some advice to other relationship-seeking geeks. They also show off the product of their geek-love, Baby Amelia, who's inherited a pretty great sense of comedic timing if you ask us.

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The Geek’s Guide to Dating Advice: How to Talk to Gamer Girls

The Geek's Guide to Dating is out on December 3rd from Quirk Books!

Our resident geek dating expert Eric Smith, author of The Geek's Guide to Dating, is here again to help answer your geek dating queries.

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More Adorable Geek Love in This Week’s Episode of The Geek’s Guide to Dating Webseries

David Tennant somehow figures into geek love, surprising no one.

Every week, The Geek's Guide to Dating Webseries brings us advice and adorable stories of true geek love from real couples. This week, Dan Tabor and Mary Alice discuss how podcasting brought them together, their social media engagement, and how they expand each other's horizons in geekery.

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Our Own Eric Smith’s Geek’s Guide to Dating Gets a Great Review on Bullseye!

Worlds collide! It's like a Venn Diagram of stuff we love overlapping!

We haven't exactly been shy about our love for our contributing writer Eric Smith's Geek Guide to Dating or the NPR show Bullseye With Jesse Thorn, so imagine our surprise and delight yesterday when the book got a glowing recommendation on the show by Boing Boing's Mark Frauenfelder. Listen to the segment right here.

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The Cuteness Continues With The Geek’s Guide To Dating’s Latest Wed Episode [Video]

Because life is a two player game.

In this latest installment in The Geek's Guide To Dating web series, Allie and Mikey talk about the importance of supporting your partner's interests and being open minded. They also tell us that even Alliance and Horde members can love each other, and that sometimes you just have to be okay with your partner playing video games all day without any pants.

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Adorable Gamer Couple Gives Relationship Insights in This Week’s Episode of The Geek’s Guide to Dating Web Series

Selling someone's stuff in Animal Crossing is the virtual version of picking on someone you like.

In this week's episode of The Geek's Guide to Dating web series, George and Nicole encourage us to stop looking for someone who shares all of our exact and extremely specific interests. Instead, Nicole wants us to look for a person we can expose to our interests and have the joy of sharing our worlds as we become adorable geek couples.

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[Updated] The Geek’s Guide to Dating Advice: How Do I Meet Other Gay Women Geeks?

It's dangerous to go alone. Take this advice.

We've enlisted the help of author Eric Smith of The Geek's Guide to Dating to write a weekly geek dating advice column. Our first question is a little out of Eric's realm of expertise so he brought in Esther Zinn of SheSeek to help out. So, how can a geeky women find each other? Eric and Esther are here to help!

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Episode Two of The Geek’s Guide to Dating Web Series is Online and Adorable

Geeks in love.

Geekosystem friend and contributor Eric Smith wrote The Geek's Guide to Dating. To promote the book he's done a web series asking geeky couples about love, dating, marriage, and even how babby is formed. Check out episode two with geeks Lansie Sylvia and Andrew Panebianco.

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Watch the First Episode of the Adorable Geek’s Guide to Dating Webseries [Video]

Because life is a two player game.

Navigating the waters of love and geekdom can be treacherous. That's why author Eric Smith is going to lend everyone a hand with The Geek's Guide to Dating. Ahead of the book's launch on December 3, 2013, check out The Geek's Guide to Dating webseries featuring adorable stories of real geek love.

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Send Us Your Geek Dating Questions, We Want to Help

And wove, twue wove, wiww fowwow you fowevah and evah.

If you have questions about love and geekdom we want to hear them. We're bringing in geek dating expert Eric Smith, author of The Geek's Guide to Dating to field your geeky love queries. Email them to me at, or if you want to ask anonymously you can do that through our tips submission form. Help us help Eric help you.

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