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Things We Saw Today: Vintage Star Trek Con Footage Reminds Us Fandom Never Dies

Whether you're a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Supernatural or something else that starts with S, the best part of fandom is being able to find your people at a con--and that's just what this footage of a 1976 Star Trek convention in Colorado reminds me of.

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Hubble Telescope Breaks Cosmic Distance Record, Observes Oldest Galaxy Ever

The Hubble Space Telescope has just broken the cosmic distance record and spotted the oldest galaxy ever found--and thus, the farthest galaxy ever observed: GN-z11.

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First Images Of “Galactic Serial Killer” Released

And they're to die for.

NGC 1316 is millions of light years away, but the European Space Observatory is still charging it with murder. Astronomers say this recently released image shows physical evidence that the the galaxy has a violent past of disrupting, destroying, and swallowing it neighbors.

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You Have To Play With This Interactive Map Of The Galaxy

Because you probably didn't feel small or insignificant enough today.

Thanks to the amazing powers of the internet (and super-creative developers), you can now travel through interstellar space without any fear of ending up like Sandra Bullock in Gravity. Click over to the 100,000 Stars interactive map of the galaxy, and fly through space from the safety of your own bedroom!

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Two Great New Looks at the Andromeda Galaxy From the Herschel Space Observatory

We can't think of a single better way to start your day than with the Herschel Space Observatory's two latest incredible photographs of our nearest galactic neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy. The new images use Herschel's ultra-sensitive instruments to get a better look at the gas and dust that make up so much of Andromeda, resulting in photos that suffuse the galaxy with an otherworldly glow. Which is actually pretty appropriate, when you think about it. Keep reading for more images and details on how Herschel captured them.

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Astronomers Measure Black Hole With Mass of 17 Billion Suns

Back holes are pretty massive as a rule, but this one in galaxy NGC 1277 might be the most massive one ever measured. Astronomers at the McDonald Observatory at the University of Texas have measured a super-sized black hole with a mass equal to 17 billion Suns. The black hole takes up a never-before-seen percentage of the galaxy's total mass, and gives us all a new gold standard against which to compare a friend's mother when telling "yo momma" jokes.

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Hubble Finds New Most Distant Object, Reminds Us the Universe is Still Enormous

The Universe is crazy big, everybody. How big? So big that the Hubble Telescope just found a new candidate for the title of Most Distant Object in the Universe. That object is MACS0647-JD, a galaxy far, far away. It's so far away from us, in fact,  that we can't even measure the distance in lightyears. Instead, we have to measure it in redshift, and this galaxy's redshift goes all the way up to 11.

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