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The Mary Sue Interview: Garth DeAngelis, Lead Producer on XCOM 2, on Diversity in Games

We had a chance to chat with Garth DeAngelis, the lead developer on XCOM 2 to chat about some of the neat new features that will be showing up in the game, including the ability to pick and choose the gender and nationality of your squad.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Trailer Lets You Kill Aliens or Put Them Down

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is one of the games I'm most looking forward to this fall. Aside from reviving an interesting older franchise, the game blends turn-based strategy with Civilization-style resource management and diplomacy. Earlier this week, publisher 2K Games released an interactive trailer for XCOM that lets you simulate a few versions of a battle, where your squad may or may not get eradicated by the invading alien hoards.

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Civilization V is Coming! And the Map Finally Uses Hexagons!

In an announcement that is surprising no one, Firaxis has announced that Civilization V is under development. And while much is being made of the game's promised features -- including additional civilizations, leaders who speak in their native tongues, and long-range bombardment by units (but wait, wasn't that in Alpha Centauri a decade ago?) -- no one seems to be covering the drastic change apparent in the screenshots. That's right -- the map uses hexagons instead of squares! What is this, some Avalon Hill monstrosity? Sid Meier must be rolling in his #9 Power Grid slot.

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