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Bank Behind That “Fearless Girl” Statue Systemically Discriminated Against Hundreds of Female Employees. I Wish I Were Even a Little Surprised

Today in 'unsurprising hypocrisy'

We're not new to the idea that some people use feminism and other forms of perceived wokeness as a sort of commodified deflection shield, attempting to buy themselves goodwill they can then exploit by trampling those they claim to support. This is not something we haven't seen before. But this story of the Wall Street bank that commisioned the "Fearless Girl" statue discriminating against hundreds of women is so over the top it feels like it needs to be from The Onion.

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Things We Saw Today: “Fearless Girl” Statue Transformed Into Wonder Woman

Check out this awesome photo from TMS contributor Alan Kistler, who caught this awesome shot of artist Don Phelps' addition to the "Fearless Girl" statue in New York City. Not a bad look, Wonder Girl!

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“Pro-Feminist” Artist Criticizes “Fearless Girl” By Placing Statue of a Dog Peeing On Her Leg Beside Her, Because Feminism

You know what I love? When people (usually men) insist that they're feminists, only to have their actions prove exactly the opposite. The "Fearless Girl" statue in the Wall Street area of New York City is at the center of some controversy again. This time, she's getting peed on.

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Things We Saw Today: Sing Along to the Steven Universe Soundtrack This Summer

Sugar says that "this is the best they've ever sounded" and hopes fans will "Please blast them! Please sing along! That's what these are for!"

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A Gross Wall Street Bro Humped the “Fearless Girl” Statue

Because Wall Street never fails to outdo itself on toxic masculinity, a gross finance bro has been photographed humping and grinding against the "Fearless Girl" statue that was placed opposite the famous Wall St. bull.

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It’s About Gender Equality Now: On Women and Statues of Little Girls

You may have noticed that there's a new addition in the area of Wall Street. Across from the iconic (and aggressively male) bull that represents a buyer-friendly stock market now stands a statue of a defiant little girl staring the bull down. It's an image that is simultaneously inspiring and disappointing.

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