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Things We Saw Today: The Muppets’ Sam the Eagle Being a True Patriot

Poor guy just can't catch a break sometimes.

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There’s a Mystery Foam on Some Hog Poop, and It Causes Explosions

There are disadvantages to factory farming. The crowded conditions lead to health risks for the animals. As a result, they're given antibiotics which can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Oh, and also sometimes there's foam that makes pools of hog poop explode. Farmers don't know the cause of the foam, but they think they may have a solution, but it's not a very good one.

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This Slow-Motion Rain of LEGOs is Your Surprisingly Soothing Way to Start the Morning

The Slow Mo Guys are returning to their childhoods this week, if only to blow up whatever they find there -- and film it in slow motion, of course. I mean, that is kind of their thing. While the duo's initial experiment -- detonating a picturesque LEGO house, wookiees and all -- doesn't go exactly as planned, the frustration it induces results in an unlikely work of art. So if you've ever wondered whether a box full of children's building blocks being blasted into the sky and then raining down in dreamlike slow motion is kind of beautiful, this is your chance to find out. (Spoiler alert: it totally is.)

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This Taiwanese Animation of Sony’s PlayStation 4 Event’s Better Than Sony’s PlayStation 4 Event

Sony didn't give us a look at what the PlayStation 4 actually looks like during their event last night, but it's safe to assume it is not a human-sized robot that shoots lasers from its eyes. That didn't stop the goodly folks at Next Media Animation from speculating as such. Their animated version of the event is borderline insane, and a lot more fun to watch than the event itself.

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Fireworks Exploding in Buckets of Paint Look Great in Slow Motion

What does it look like when you dunk explosives into buckets of paint and set them off? Well, it looks like an unholy mess, of course. When you're filming at 1600 frames per second, though, even an unholy mess looks rather beautiful. Straightforwardly named Intertube filmmakers The Slow Mo Guys have broken out their Phantom camera again, this time to capture the spectacle and splendor that is a bunch of paint buckets exploding, confirming once again that every knucklehead stunt you and your dumb buddies pulled off in sixth grade would have been art if you had had a very nice camera to film it with. We're especially fans of the shots where it looks like the paint is running away from an exploding car like it is in an action movie, but by all means -- check out the results for yourself below.

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Geologists Study Crater Formation by Making Craters With Dynamite — Let’s Watch!

Geologists at the University of Buffalo are making us think we picked the wrong career today, publishing a study in the journal Physical Review Letters that explores the nature and formation of volcanic maar craters -- bowl-like craters that are formed by volcanic activity, but resemble the impact craters left behind by some meteorites. How, you may ask does one recreate a crater in the lab? The immensely satisfying answer is "in slow motion with a lot of dynamite." As you can see in the short video below which replicates the explosion and aftermath that go into forming one of these craters, we may have missed our calling.

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Hurricane Sandy Causes Massive Explosion at Con Edison Plant in NYC [VIDEO]

As Hurricane Sandy hit the northeastern United States last night, large swathes of New York and New Jersey lost power. This video, which captured an explosion at a Con Edison plant, would most likely explain why. If you wait through the middle, another explosion happens at the end. It was probably terrifying for the people that didn't have power since they couldn't quickly hop on the Internet and look up what just happened. Thankfully, the storm is gone, and now we all just have to wait for the clean-up.

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The Incendiary Explosion Art of Geoffrey H Short

When describing his series of explosion photographs, New Zealand artist Geoffrey H Short told the Daily Mail, "I am not trying to tell people what they should think, rather I am making art objects which I hope will make people think." Which is convenient, because his work lends itself to a myriad of interpretations; is it a statement about fossil fuel consumption, about war, about fear, about the explosive forces of nature which began all things? Or are they like formless clouds on which we can project our thoughts. Whatever answer works for you, Short's work is as mesmerizing as it is terrifying. See more pictures, after the break.

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Everything You Shouldn’t Put in a Microwave Being Microwaved in Slow Motion [Video]

There are plenty of videos of people microwaving crazy things on YouTube, so what makes this any different? A lot: It's a very to-the-point supercut, it's high quality, it's in a clean microwave, it's in slow motion, and it's actually a viral advertisment for Moe's Southwest Grill. Still, it's an absolute pleasure to watch, and Moe's Southwest Grill is fantastic; no one has to pay me to say that. So if you want to watch some stuff explode in a microwave, but not sacrifice your own safety or microwave, give it a watch. Also, the bluegrass soundtrack? Transcendental.

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Watch Transformers Explode After Being Hit By Lightning [Video]

The above video depicts a hauntingly beautiful scene over in Forth Worth, Texas Tuesday night when lightning struck several transformers and caused a chain reaction of transformer explosions. The National Weather Service reports that between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. Tuesday night, around 330 cloud-to-ground lightning strikes took place. Though they aren't sure if any of the bolts directly hit a transformer, they state that a bolt of lightning can carry enough electrical charge to blow a transformer if it strikes nearby ground. Police received reports of a transformer on fire, and as one can see from the video, the reports were most likely legitimate.

(via reddit)

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Fireworks Fail, but Spectacularly [Video]

I absolutely wasn't expecting an explosion that big or the debris playing Peggle with the neighborhood either.

(via Best of YouTube)

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Zynga Will Blow Up An Armored Car In Vegas

What happens in Vegas in this instance is specifically designed to leave Vegas. As a promotional stunt for the launch of a Las Vegas-themed Mafia Wars expansion, as well as in celebration of passing 10 million players, Zynga has promised to blow up an armored car in Vegas. Like, for real.

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