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This Mech Suit Simulates the Aging Process. But Do “Empathy Simulators” Inspire Actual Change?

The R70i robotic aging suit looks like the futuristic, bizarre armor that a video game hero might find in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, except that it doesn't provide an escapist power fantasy. Quite the opposite, in fact. The R70i attempts to simulate the experience of aging several decades.

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The Psychology of Fandom: Why We Get Attached to Fictional Characters

Having been a venerable X­-Files fangirl throughout my teen years, the concepts of “OTPs”, “UST” and fanfiction weren’t new to me in the least. What proved to be different, approaching fandom as an adult woman, was the depth of human emotion that I became aware of.

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Classic Literary Fiction Will Turn You Into a Telepath

The catch is, you actually have to read the classic literary fiction.

While we can't guarantee that reading Dickens will turn you into Jean Grey, new research suggests that reading literary fiction actually enables you to more closely "read" the thoughts and feelings of others around you. Reading while wearing Emma Frost's outfits remains totally optional.

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Empathy for Robots Looks Very Similar to the Empathy We Feel for Humans

Robots may not have the capacity to care about us  yet, but that won't stop humans from feeling unrequited love for their android buddies. While it may seem obvious to those of us who have harbored a mad Data crush at one point or another, a new study seems to confirm that humans harbor a great deal of empathy for their robotic brethren, reacting to affection towards -- or violence against -- them in the same way they react to these things in humans.

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Not Your Imagination: Humanity Getting Progressively Dumber and Crazier

When the news of the day consists of things like Elmo's underage sex scandal, it's easy to think sometimes that the world and everyone in it is just getting more awful by the minute. According to a recent paper published in the journal Trends in Genetics, it appears that may be exactly the case. In even more depressing news, it seems to be because being intelligent and empathetic are no longer traits that are evolutionarily selected for. Man, we could have told you that.

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Your Brain Can Be Nice or Logical, But Not Both At Once

Offering a sympathetic ear can be a kind and noble gesture, but it's one you should be careful of if you also need to be logical, say researchers at Case Western University. A study, released online today in the journal NeuroImage, shows that the brain is incapable of being simultaneously logical and empathetic. So if you need to be nice, get ready to stop being analytical, and if you need to channel your inner Vulcan, be ready for other people to call you a jerk, because you will probably be acting like a jerk.

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