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The Best Star Trek Has Its 25th Anniversary

"Ours is the one that is almost like a Russian novel," says Rene Auberjonois of Deep Space Nine, which is the best Star Trek series, and is now officially old enough to rent a car.

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Adam Nimoy Has Fully Crowdfunded A Deep Space Nine Documentary

Adam Nimoy, the son of actor Leonard Nimoy, successfully crowdfunded a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary in just one day.

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The Worst People in the Galaxy: Star Trek Characters We Never Want to See Again

Like we'll wager a lot of you, we're getting pumped for a new Star Trek movie -- especially with the new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness dropping today. We're really excited to see what characters from the show may get renewed leases on life in the fresh timeline they now have to play with. Through a history spanning six decades, there are plenty of characters in the Trek universe that we have come to love dearly as well as a few that we've come to loathe with all the strength in our black little hearts. Recently, we turned to Facebook -- on our page and our own walls -- to find out who the most reviled characters in Trek history were, and we've got them here for your perusal. Feel free to let us know how right or wrong we are in the comments, as it wouldn't be a Star Trek conversation without a nerd fight or two.

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