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SOPA is Back in Action and Off the “Shelf” Just In Time for the Blackouts

It should come as no surprise that SOPA has come back off its proverbial "shelf" but feel free to be surprised that it came back so fast. A mere 4 days after announcing he was dropping the DNS blocking provisions of the bill and putting it on the shelf until a "consensus" was reached, Representative Lamar Smith has brought SOPA back out to play, and just in time for the January 18th SOPA blackouts.

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Even the MPAA is Shying Away From DNS Filtering, Saying It’s “Off the Table”

Perhaps the most egregious and offensive provision of SOPA and PIPA was the one that called for DNS filtering and blocking. Of course, considering it is the same method of censorship used by governments such as China, you might expect that the proposal of its use would be a little unpopular. Recently, supporters of the method have been falling one by one. SOPA author Lamar Smith agreed to drop the DNS blocking provision just as the White House came out against it. In light of all that, the MPAA -- poster child for aggressive copyright defense -- has backed down too.

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SOPA May Be Shelved, But PIPA Is Still On

It's been a good weekend for everyone who opposes SOPA and Internet censorship in general. In a statement on Friday, SOPA author and copyright infringer extrodinaire Representative Lamar Smith decided to drop the egregious DNS blocking provisions from the bill. On top of that, the White House responded to a pair of anti-SOPA and anti-PIPA petitions and came out against DNS blocking as well. With all that and SOPA "on the shelf" until the nerds can come in and a "consensus" is reached, we're practically in the clear, right? Not quite. PIPA is still up for a vote in the Senate on January 24th.

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SOPA Just Keeps Getting Worse, Horrifying Amendment Encourages ISPs To Block Whole Sites

So if you've been holding your breath, hoping that the amendment process might make SOPA a little less horrifying, you should probably stop because you're going to suffocate. About two dozen amendments were slogged through yesterday during a grueling 11.5 hour session, with most of the important SOPA-limiting ones being thrown in the trash. Some amendments are passing, though. Mostly ones that make SOPA even more of a terrifying monster, like an amendment that passed only a few hours ago granting ISPs the same protection whether they block a specific piece of infringing content or just go the lazy route and nuke the whole site regardless of what a court order may specify. Which one do you think they're going to do more often?

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