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Christmas Comes Early: Demonoid’s BitTorrent Tracker Returns, Potentially Heralds Revival

When Demonoid went down, there was little hope that it would return. Most former users were firmly entrenched in the doom and gloom camp, and considering the circumstances, they had every reason to feel that way. Those who've held on to hope might have cause to celebrate, however, as it appears the reports of Demonoid's death have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, Virginia, Demonoid's BitTorrent tracker lives once again, and that potentially means the website itself isn't far off.

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The Pirate Bay is Back Online, Conspiracy Theorists Likely Disappointed by Mundane Downtime

As we previously reported, The Pirate Bay was down from a power failure due to an issue with a power distribution unit. Much like it sounds, the power distribution unit distributes power, and is a pretty necessary component. After almost 48 hours, The Pirate Bay is now back up and operating as normal. The reason why it was down for so long is actually kind of complicated.

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More Doom and Gloom: Demonoid Domains Up for Sale

If you're still holding out hope that Demonoid would be resurrected from the digital ashes like a magnet link that points toward fourteen RAR files of a phoenix, you may want to save that hope for something else: The three Demonoid top-level domains,,, and, were put up for sale on the domain marketplace Sedo.

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Demonoid Busted By Local Authorities Following Massive DDoS Attack

Last week, we reported that popular private torrent site Demonoid was hit by a massive DDoS attack and was subsequently out of commission for over a week. The length of the outage, and the fact that the address stopped pointing anywhere rather than displaying some kind of outage message, caused speculation that the venerable site may be down for good. Unfortunately, Demonoid's demise may not be speculation any longer, as word broke that Ukrainian authorities shut down the site.

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Torrent Site Demonoid Still Down After Massive DDoS Attack One Week Ago, Down For Good?

As some of you are aware, The Pirate Bay and EZTV aren't the only torrent sites in town. An extremely popular alternative to those two is Demonoid. The site doesn't get nearly as much press as other torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, but that's partly because Demonoid is a closed, private community that usually requires current members to create and send invites to potential new users. Unlike The Pirate Bay, Demonoid also loosely institutes a seeding policy where users are expected to keep a 1:1 seed-to-leech data ratio if they want to keep their account. Around one week ago, Demonoid was hit by a massive DDoS attack that was so large that the site is still down one week later, and the future of the site is looking a bit grim.

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Bob’s Burgers Animator Seeds the Show’s Torrent to Promote It

I haven't yet caught the new FOX show Bob's Burgers, but my respect for the show went up a notch after reading TorrentFreak's report on how a person who says he is one of the show's animators is actively seeding torrents of the show on private torrent site Demonoid. The show had strong debut ratings, and it's like the only show in FOX's animated lineup that isn't created by Seth McFarlane, but as a new series, its future success is hardly assured, and a good number of people still aren't familiar with it. Making it available to the torrent community seems like the kind of progressive, Internet-embracing promotional strategy that big content creators are often too chary to try. (No word on whether FOX is officially behind the animator's actions, though there's a good chance they aren't.) The anonymous animator writes:

Nice to hear that people liked the show, I’m an animator on it so it’s nice to hear something positive from all the negative I’ve been hearing about! I’m going to keep seeding to support my show ... There are 13 eps for the show coming out, they’ve been well received by the everyone at the studio so far so we’re hoping everything will turn out and it’ll gain more of an audience as it goes.
(via TorrentFreak)

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