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How to Mess With Your Facebook Targeted Ad Preferences

Have you ever looked through your advertising preferences on Facebook? It's pretty hilarious, and also more than a bit creepy, to scroll through and see what topics and products Facebook thinks you're interested in.

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The Oculus Rift Will Collect Your Personal Data “Automatically.” But… What For?

Last week, rumblings began about the wording of the privacy policy for the Oculus Rift, the Facebook-owned virtual reality headset that tons of people have already pre-ordered. Upload VR dissected the wording of the policy, particularly the bit about the "information automatically collected" by Oculus whenever the owner uses it.

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Ubisoft Will Mine Your Online Data to Creep You out in Their Watch Dogs Marketing Site

Who watches the watchdogs?

Ubisoft has put together a clever marketing site for their hacking-themed game, Watch Dogs. If you use Facebook, it will mine your data (and your friends' data that they've shared with you) and present an eerie analysis of the type of person you are, your net worth, and which of your friends could be used against you.

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Study: Q is the Worst Letter in Scrabble or Words With Friends, S the Best

While Scrabble has been around for years, the popularity of the Facebook-based game Words With Friends has sparked a new round of interest in the game. Though for most, either game functions solely as a means to make you feel like your four-year English degree was a waste, or to destroy friendships, Andrew C. Thomas was more interested in a statistical analysis of the game. Using millions of simulated games, his work sheds new light on strategies to play the game, and on how letter tiles can be more than they seem.

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