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Study Suggests Crows Recognize and Remember Human Voices

Crows are already regarded as remarkably intelligent birds, having been the first feathered creatures to independently discover the art of snowboarding. However, a new study from the University of Vienna suggests that crows can tell the difference between humans by their voice alone -- and what's more, they seem to remember us.

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Crow Snowboards Across Russian Roofs [Video]

Alright, I am perfectly willing to concede that this crow isn't actually snowboarding. I accept that it's much more likely that it is simply trying to eat something out of the cap it's riding on. However, that doesn't explain why the bird keeps taking the cap to the apex of the roof, why it seems to stop pecking once it starts moving, or how the crow seems pretty cheesed when the ride ends. The evidence is against it, but in my heart I know that this bird is kicking sweet moves on fresh powder.

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Caw-tion: Crows Hold Grudges Against Humans for Years

As if they weren't already scary enough: New research shows the extent to which crows are able to remember individual human faces and hold grudges against people who have crossed them in the past -- even if it's been several years since they had a negative encounter.

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