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New Treatment Could Blast Cocaine Addiction Out of the Brain With Lasers

Cocaine addiction is notoriously difficult to treat, but researchers working on ways to fight it may have a unexpected new weapon in their arsenal -- lasers. Recent research in the field of optogenetics suggests that using lasers to turn certain parts of the brain on and off could help to curb addicts craving for the drug. Take that, cocaine addiction! Pew pew pew!

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Neural Implants Could Repair Brain Damage, Improve Decision Making Skills, Prevent Huge Mistakes

The next time you make a mistake, just remember that you're not alone. Everybody makes huge mistakes that irrevocably change their lives from which they never truly recover. It just, happens, y'know? Maybe not for much longer, though. Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center are hard at work developing a neural implant that shows promise in repairing the decision making abilities of primates who have suffered brain damage. If the research pays off, it could develop into a similar implant in humans with the potential to not only repair damage to the brain's decision making center, but improve decision making in general.

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Nicotine May Prime Smokers for Cocaine Use, Study Shows

It may seem like common sense that cocaine users are more likely to be smokers than other groups. Drug users tend to use drugs, and what better way to mellow out a crazy cocaine high than a few (packs of) cigarettes?  Well, a new study conducted by Denise and Eric Kandel of Columbia University shows that smoking may lead to cocaine: Nicotine actually causes epigenetic changes that boost a smokers response to cocaine. In other words, if you are or were a smoker, cocaine is going to hit you a lot harder. The idea of gateway drugs has been around for what seems like forever. I'm sure all my fellow D.A.R.E. kids remember learning that smoking and drinking are just the first step to crack, heroin, baggy black hoodies, getting mugged by drug dealers and all that jazz. For a long time though, a lot of the evidence surrounding that idea has been psychological and circumstantial. Kids who smoke are more likely to try something else because they already jumped off the straight-edge wagon, kids who are buying pot from their dealer are going to get offered some ecstasy at some point, etc. This study, however, roots the issue of gateway drugs in actual, physical responses. People who use nicotine are actually rewired to feel that line of coke more than people who don't.

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Princess Leia Did Cocaine on the Set of The Empire Strikes Back

Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia in the Star Wars trilogy, admitted today that she used cocaine on the set of The Empire Strikes Back. On Hoth, no less. Fisher told Australia newswire AAP:

"We did cocaine on the set of Empire, in the ice planet," Fisher said in Sydney. "I didn't even like coke that much, it was just a case of getting on whatever train I needed to take to get high."
Though that first "we" may spark theories among Star Wars fans, Fisher wouldn't say which of her co-stars used drugs with her.
"It's always been my responsibility, if it was Hollywood then we'd all be dope addicts," she says, declining to divulge which of her Star Wars co-stars joined in with her high jinks.
(AAP via Breitbart via Drudge Report)

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Awesome Suitcase Stickers Sure To Get You Attention! (And Maybe a Cavity Search)

Have you ever been watching a movie and seen one of the characters walk around looking all slick carrying a suitcase filled with money or drugs and thought "Why not me?" Well, dream no longer. The website is selling a series of decals to stick on your suitcase so that you can transform into a) some kind of supervillain and, b) some kind of supervillain with x-ray vision. Grab yourself an awesome suit, put on some cool sunglasses, and (optional) handcuff yourself to your new be-stickered suitcase and you are ready to strike fear into the hearts of man and annoyance into the days of airport security workers everywhere!

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