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“Thanks, It Has Pockets!” Has Been With Us For Hundreds of Years

National Museums Liverpool posted a video walkthrough of how upper-class women got dressed in 18th-century Britain, and they were just as into pockets as we all are.

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We Will Not Have Equality Until Men Know the Struggle of Trying to Pee in a Romper

As summer hits, we're seeing all kinds of easy breezy new clothing trends but nothing quite like ACED Design's RompHim™, a romper designed for men that "may just be the start of a fashion revolution."

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Things We Saw Today: John Boyega Beatboxes, Dropping Some Serious Heat

You know, to cap off your week.

Here's John Boyega laying down a sick beat. You know, just because.

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Who Is This Laundry-Folding Machine Actually For?

What if we made a machine that could fold laundry? Sounds like a great idea, but in practice, there's a lot that complicates the implementation.

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[VIDEO] The Mary Sue Tests Her Universe’s Captain America: Civil War Active Wear

On your left!

Last Thursday, Sam Riedel and I played hooky from The Mary Sue's offices to head to Bryant Park and test out some items from Her Universe's new Captain America: Civil War active wear line.

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Hot Topic’s New Doctor Who Collection Will Regenerate Your Wardrobe

Interested in some Doctor Who-inspired threads to wear as you watch the Christmas special this year? Well, Hot Topic has got you covered with this awesome collection of clothes inspired by the TARDIS, regeneration, and several Doctors! Check out the video and images of the pieces in the collection after the jump!

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RunwayRiot, the Ultimate Inclusive Fashion Site, Continues to Make Waves

Have you joined the #RunwayRiot yet?

Last week we announced the launch of RunwayRiot, a new inclusive beauty and fashion blog for women of all sizes, and now we're pleased to say the Riot's first week has been an incredible success!

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American Horror Story and Hot Topic’s Absolutely Killer New Fashion Line

This new fashion line from Hot Topic and American Horror Story looks pretty killer.

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Geek Girls Rule the Runway at PAX’s First-Ever BioWare Fashion Show

Stylish video game clothes? Is this a dream where am I

And this past weekend at PAX Prime, I was invited to witness the very first BioWare Fashion Show. I was thrilled to attend, but I had no idea what to expect. Before the show started, I met several members of the Think Geek team, who shared some inside information about the new line they were debuting.

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The Very Best Fictional Fashion: Things I Want to Wear for Real

For me, fashion has never meant, "What is currently in style." Fashion meant and continues to mean, "Things I think are cool and want to wear." I'd be lying if I said that that is never influenced by current trends, because it is, but the me who wanted to dress like the girls in my books is still in there, wanting to dress like the women in my books, TV, movies, and other media.

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