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8-Bit Cinema Treatment Proves We Need a Retro Stranger Things Game

Now that CineFix has given the Netflix series the 8-bit cinema treatment, we're even more desperate for a Stranger Things RPG game.

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What Did Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Change from the 1981 Book?

CineFix continues their "What's the Difference?" series, this time looking at the differences between Disney's Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, directed by Robert Zemeckis, and Gary K. Wolf's 1981 book Who Censored Roger Rabbit?

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8-Bit Cinema Tackles Star Wars Original Trilogy in 5 Minutes

(With a lil 16-bit.) 8-BBit?

Need a quick recap of the original trilogy in game form? Of course you do! CineFix recently added the Star Wars trilogy to their 8-bit series, and it hits all the iconic scenes.

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8-Bit Cinema Assembles 8-Bit Avengers Mega Man-Style, Get Your Weapons Ready!

Captain Mega Man is my spirit animal.

The Avengers has so much material to draw from that it would've been hard not to make a great 8-bit game out of it. 8-bit cinema succeeded with flying colors—those being red, white, and blue unless you want to incur the wrath of Captain America as Mega Man. And Black Widow escapes the Hulk in the obligatory level-scrolling monster chase, and Loki legitimately looks like a Mega Man villain, and—oh, just watch it.

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Cinefix’s New Series Film School’d Looks at How Samurai Inspired Star Wars, and It’s Perfect

Now do one about how John Ford inspired Samurai movies.

The revelation that George Lucas pulled direct inspiration from the Samurai films of Akira Kurosawa is nothing new. (I can't be the only nerd who wrote a paper about it in college.) The new CineFix series Film School'd does an incredible job of explaining it and pointing out some of the more direct pulls. Watch. Learn. Enjoy.

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Godzilla: The Musical Is The Best/Only Musical About Godzilla We’ve Ever Seen

Now when can we get Lizard People: the Cabaret?

Apparently Godzilla just needs Les Mis references and a couple of sashays to be compelling. This lovingly made musical from Cinefix obviously strays from the story's dark roots, but damn, does it ever have talent!

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7 Godzilla Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Now you can impress/annoy (your call) your friends with knowledge!

Can you identify which actor is wearing the Godzilla suit in any of his nearly 30 movies? No? Then there's a good chance there are some other tidbits that you don't know about the king of the monsters, so take a look at seven facts about Godzilla that you can use to sound like a total nerd when you see the new movie with your friends.

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Cinefix Made a “Homemade” Version of Rufio’s Big Fight Scene From Hook With ACTUAL Rufio!


We love Cinefix and their "Homemade" remakes of movie scenes and trailers, but this one of the big fight scene from Hook wins double points for actually getting original Rufio actor Dante Basco to reprise his role. Bangarang, Cinefix. Bangarang.

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Latest 8-Bit Cinema Video Stars Godzilla Beating up Other Famous Movie Monsters

Ray, when someone asks you if you're a Godzilla, you say, "YES"!

The first official Godzilla trailer made a big splash last week when it was finally released online, but we can't help but prefer this low-graphics version by CineFix, which pits Godzilla against King Kong, a Rancor beast, and even the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Man, is there somewhere we can actually play this game? That would be amazing.

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Get Into The Holiday Spirit with 8-Bit Elf [Video]

"Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?!"

Holy crap, is Elf seriously ten years old now? That is mind-blowing. We think we can officially start calling this film a Christmas classic, now, and what better way to memorialize a classic film than re-imagining it with pixels?

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Thor Re-Told As 8-Bit Cinema Is Cuter Than Chris Hemsworth [VIDEO]

Maybe not cuter than Tom Hiddleston, but that's a different story.

CineFix, a YouTube channel that takes Hollywood Blockbusters and game-ifies them, has given Thor the 8/16-bit treatment. The results are both adorably awesome and seriously make you wish this game was real.

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8-Bit Cinema’s Finding Nemo Should Really Just Become An Actual Game Already [Video]

Press B to just keep swimmin'.

CineFix usually knocks it out of the park with their 8-bit Cinema series,  but their newest send up of the beloved Pixar movie Finding Nemo is nothing short of amazing. Think of how great an actual video game this would be! Sort of like Echo, but not boring. Somebody make that game for us, please.

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CineFix Explains How the Joker’s Pencil Trick from The Dark Knight Works [Video]


Cinefix's Homemade Movies series features a bunch of guys creating shot-for-shot remakes of your favorite moments in geek cinema. After months and months of cajoling from commenters, they've finally done the infamous pencil trick for The Dark Knight. It's pretty special.

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8-Bit Cinema G.I. Joe: Retaliation is Probably Better Than the Real Movie [Video]

Apparently G.I. Joe is definitely a bad enough dude to rescue the president.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation might have been better than the previous G.I. Joe movie, but that's not saying much. Yeah, it made a lot of money and explosions and such, but we're sure a whole bunch of you probably skipped it to save your theater-going allowance for all the amazing movies that have been premiering this summer. Just in case you were curious about what you missed, Cinefix has summarized the film pretty succinctly in this enjoyable 8-bit version. Seriously, I would play this game.

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Anchorman Gets the 8-Bit Treatment From CineFix

People love the regular, non-8-bit version of Anchorman, so I'm willing to bet they'll love Cinefix's 8-bit Anchorman as well. The video shows us what an old-school Anchorman video game would have looked like, while simultaneously teasing us with the tragic fact that such a thing does not exist in this world. Yet. Someone please make an 8-bit Anchorman game.

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An Iron Man/Mega Man Video Game Parody? Yes, Please [Video]

You know what would go well with this? A Captain America/Contra mashup.

Gosh, 2008 was so long ago. How can anyone even remember stuff from back then -- like the plot of the original Iron Man movie? Luckily, popular YouTube channel CineFix has your answer for this very specific problem. Their 8-bit Cinema pilot, which dropped last night, retells Iron Man in the style of the classic video game Mega Man, so now you'll always have a source to reference when you forget what Tony Stark was up to before the Mandarin showed up. (Never mind that Mega Man the game is older than Iron Man the movie. Nostalgia is forever. Just go with it.)

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